Craps Gambling

Craps gambling is a game of infinite variety. There are multiple craps bets that can be made on each roll of the dice. To win at craps gambling you need to understand the best craps strategies. Strive to reduce the house edge and maximize your own chances to win.

Here’s a look at some proven strategies at craps. These have been used by players in both live and online casinos to make substantial profits.

The Most Successful Craps Strategy

You can easily find that there are hundreds of craps strategies to learn. Some of them are worthless. Others are tried and true. Over time the most successful craps strategy for craps gambling has remained the same. It is to begin each roll with a Pass or Don’t Pass line bet at the table minimum. Once a point has been set, follow up your line bet with the largest free odds bet that your bankroll will allow.

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You can use this simple strategy to have some success at craps. Your ability to win will depend on taking advantages of streaks. No one is a mind reader, and predicting hot or cold streaks is virtually impossible for anyone. If you are sticking with this simple strategy, there is an element of luck involved.

Betting on the Don’t Pass line will give you a slight advantage over betting on the Pass line. Any way that you can minimize the odds of the house is a good plan. While this successful method can produce some nice profits, it will only take you so far. You will need to develop advanced strategies to move to the next level.

Taking Advantage of Profitable Craps Bets

It helps if you have a basic understanding of craps odds before you decide to start making bets. You will soon discover that there are four main bets to be made at craps gambling. These are:

These are the bets at craps which have the lowest house edge. That means you should be choosing them whenever you play the game of craps. Don’t be lured in by the place bets, prop bets, and other bells and whistles on the craps table. The casino is hoping that you will focus on these bets and lose money.

The four bets that we described have a low break even point for the player. When you make these bets you are in essence protecting your bankroll. There is lower risk. The profits can come slower when you only take advantage of profitable craps bets. Many players lack patience and succumb to greed. This causes them to chase bets that are not profitable.

Stay Away From Single Roll Bets

The single roll bet is one of the worst options at the craps table. Examples of these bets include the Field bet, Any 7, and Any Craps bet. The casino entices you with generous odds for these bets. Some of them pay as much as 7-1. A closer look at the house edge on single roll bets at craps reveals why these are not good wagers.

Single roll bets can have a house edge that ranges from 2% to more than 16%. This type of house edge is practically impossible to overcome. You will never bet the game of craps when you are giving the house such a huge advantage.

There are exceptions to every rule, of course, and sometimes you can use your profits from other craps bets to make these exotic wagers. This should be done in moderation and only when you are able to play the bets with the house’s money.

Using Free Odds With a Large Bankroll

Whenever the initial roll in a craps session does not yield an immediate winner or loser, a point is set. The shooter continues to roll when a point is set until they roll the point or a 7 is rolled. At this point another bet option is given to the player. A player can make a free odds bet behind the line up to a certain amount. Some casinos even offer 100X odds bets.

If you have a large bankroll you can really hammer the casino with these free odds bets. Basically, the casino pays these bets at true odds. This means that the house edge is virtually eliminated. If you choose to pay the entire 100X odds bet, the house edge is reduced to just 0.02%.

If you are going to attempt to take advantage of this craps betting strategy, begin by betting the table minimum. You will then max out your free odds bet once a point is set. As we mentioned, this is a risky strategy that requires you to have a large bankroll.

How to Hedge Bets at Craps

One of the best craps betting strategies at craps gambling involves hedging your bets. This can be done with some success, but it is not a strategy that you should rely on to the exclusion of all other strategies. Those who like to hedge bets are generally those who are risk averse. They do not like to take the chances that other craps players take.

Hedging is done once a point is set in craps. You use the place bets to hedge. If the point is a 6, you will place the 8. If the point is an 8, you will place the 6. If the point is any other number, you will place the 6 and 8. The idea here is to use the profits from the 6 and 8 place bets to cover the odds bet that you have made.

You will collect your place wagers every time that the number is rolled while the point is trying to be made. The reasoning behind using the 6 and the 8 to hedge is that these number appear more frequently than any other number besides the 7. You have a decent chance of picking up wins while the shooter is trying to make the point.

Getting Away With a Win

There is no betting strategy in the world that will help you win at craps if you do not know how to get away with a win. This means that you have to quit the game a winner. The only way that you can do that is to have established win and loss limits well in advance of playing. Few players have the discipline that it takes to walk away from the craps table when they are winning unless they have decided to do so in advance.

Always remember that any type of casino gambling will catch up with you in the long run. Variance and the house edge means that you are doomed to fail if you stick around. Be content with smaller profits and leave the game while you are ahead.

Slowing Down the Pace of Craps

Another good strategy for craps gambling is to slow down the game so that you can process everything that is happening at the table. This can be impossible to do when you are playing live craps. But when you are playing craps online you have a better chance to slow the pace.

You can also play craps online for as little as $1 per hand. That means you can stretch out your bankroll and take advantage of the swings that are bound to happen.

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