Craps Rules

Craps Rules

Craps is one of the most entertaining gambling games. It can also be profitable when played online. Online craps for real money is subject to the same rules that are used in a live casino. The game is fast-paced, but once you have a basic understanding of the craps rules it is easy to learn and play. Here’s a summary and from it we link out to the other longer more in depth articles found at CrapsPit.

The Basic Craps Rules

Craps is a game with few variations. No matter where you play, the basic rules will be the same. The central rule revolves around the shooting of the dice.

Every player must place a line bet before play commences. The line bet is a minimum wager that qualifies a player to participate in the game. Players can bet on the Pass line or the Don’t Pass line. A Pass line bet is a bet with the shooter, or dice thrower. A Don’t Pass line bet is a bet against the shooter.

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After the line bets have been made, play starts with the shooter rolling the dice. In a live casino game each player takes a turn as the shooter. When you play craps online you are always the shooter. This is important because it allows you to control the speed of the game. You click to roll the dice whenever you are ready.

The shooter continues to roll until they win or until they crap out. At this point a new game begins with new line bets and, in a live game, a new shooter.

Winning and Crapping Out

Craps rules dictate that the first roll of the dice determine everything that comes after. There are several possibilities that can happen on the first roll of the dice.

If the initial roll is a 7 or an 11, the player wins the line bet and is paid immediately. These rolls are considered a natural.

If the initial roll is a 2, 3, or 12, the player loses the line bet immediately. This is known as craps, the result that gives the game its name.

If any other number is rolled on the initial roll, a point is established. The player then continues to roll the dice until:

  • The number is rolled again, resulting in a win
  • The number seven is rolled, resulting in a loss

Craps Rules and Field Bets

Whenever a point is set, the player is allowed to then make a number of bets. Some of these bets continue to work until the player wins or craps out. Others are one-roll bets. These bets are what make the game off craps so fast-paced and exciting.

Players can bet on certain numbers to appear while they are attempting to make the point. As an example, let’s say the first number rolled by the player is a 6. The player then continues to roll the dice until another 6 or a 7 appears.

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The player can make a side bet on other number besides 6. For example, the player chooses to make side wagers on the 8 and the 10. Every time these numbers come up while the player is trying to roll a six again awards a payout to the player. When a 7 appears, these bets are lost.

Stick to the Basic Craps Rules While Learning

It is a good idea for the novice player to stick to the basic rules of craps when they are just learning the game. This means making line bets only. Keeping the action limited will help the player learn the game without spending a lot of money. Once you get a hang of it you can dig deeper and read about the best craps strategy  to use and all other available craps bets at the craps table.

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