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If you are located in South Africa and like to play online casino games like blackjack and craps, this Crapspit guide will help. It is important to know the existing regulations about online gambling as well as which South Africa online casinos are best.

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To play successfully means more than just playing the best games. It also means picking an online casino for South Africa with a good reputation, good casino bonuses, and various casino banking options.

The Online Casino Situation in South Africa

The gambling situation in South Africa is complex. There have been recent studies conducted to see how the people of South Africa prefer to gamble. The results show that the country’s national lottery remains at the top of the list for most gamblers. However, slot machines are a close second. These can only be found in South Africa online casinos or live betting establishments.

There are some strong restrictions regarding gambling in this country which we will address. The important thing to know is that there are online casino options for those who visit or live in the country of South Africa.

Hallmarks of the Best South Africa Online Casinos

When it comes to online casinos throughout the world, many characteristics are the same. Players tend to want certain things from the gambling experience. Casinos try to honor these standards to attract and maintain players. South Africa online casinos are no different.

The best online casinos are those which offer multiple banking options. Players should be able to make deposits and withdrawals with credit or debit cards, e-wallets, and bank accounts. It is also attractive when an online casino has the option of using cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin for banking.

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The platform of the online casino needs to be secure. Its reputation should also be good with few unresolved complaints. Customer service contact information for the online casino should be readily available to the player, and requests should be answered in a timely manner.

Both real and free-to-play games should be available to the player. These should include a mix of both slot machines and table games. It is also good for the casino to have a mobile app that allows easy access with mobile devices.

Casinos and Other Gambling Types in South Africa

As we discussed above, there are three main types of gambling in South Africa. These are the National Lottery, live casino gambling, and live horse racing. Online South Africa casino gambling falls to the bottom of the list because many players are not aware there are options.

The online casinos which serve South Africa are based outside of the country due to existing laws. Some are under the impression that gambling cannot be done online in South Africa but this is incorrect. One simply has to choose an online casino site which accepts players from South Africa.

History of South African Gambling

Most gambling in South Africa can be traced to the 1970s. The country had previously passed a law in 1965 which effectively banned most gambling. Some areas were allowed to establish their own casinos but it is also true that more than 2,000 illegal gambling houses existed in the country at one time.

The country has taken a more progressive approach to the legalization of online gambling since the 1990s with new laws being created. At the present time there are many more online gambling options available to the player than there were in the past.

South Africa Online Casino Laws

South Africa passed a national gambling act in 1996 which was meant to pave the way for oversight and regulation of live and online gambling. However, changes in political power have resulted in multiple measures since that time. One was passed in 2004 which repealed all the provisions of the 1996 law.

In 2008 a new proposal was made, but the measure has yet to become the law of the land. As of now there is still heavy restriction on gambling in South Africa. This has not affected the willingness of offshore online casinos to accept players from South Africa.

Banking Options for Online South Africa Casinos

Most South Africa online casinos based in other countries offer multiple banking options. At the top of the list is credit and debit cards. Some banks do not allow transactions with online casinos, so check with your card issuer before you use this method. Credit cards issued in South Africa are not usually accepted.

A more popular option is the e-wallet. These services are represented by familiar companies like Skrill and PayPal. You can also use bank transfers in many online casinos. Just be sure to check the security of the online casino site before you agree to provide any personal information.

Finally, more casinos today are accepting cryptocurrency as an option. You may be able to use your Bitcoin wallet to make deposits and receive payments from the casino.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are South Africa online casinos legal?

At the present time it is not legal to play online casino games in South Africa. Horse racing betting and sports betting online are legal. There are some offshore online casinos which allow South African players.

Can I play with my South Africa credit or debit card?

Most credit or debit cards issued by South Africa banks are not allowed to be used on online casino sites. You can use an e-wallet instead and fund it with your credit card.

Can I be a bookmaker in South Africa?

You can legally be a bookmaker in South Africa if you pay the licensing fees and go through the proper steps. This is a competitive business in which it is hard for the newcomer to succeed.

How do I find a mobile online South Africa casino?

You would begin by finding an offshore online casino that accepts South Africa players. It will then be a simple matter to determine if the casino has an app for iOS or Android phones and tablets.

Can I be criminally charged for gambling online in South Africa?

The law is very clear in South Africa. If caught gambling online you can be forced to pay a fine of up to R10 million and sentenced to up to 10 years in prison.

The Best Online Casinos for South Africa

We list casinos on the site, and they accept South African Players. As a matter of fact, they love you guys. Most SA players are loyal players at the casinos and the fraud rate out of South Africa is also low. We invite you to visit some safe online casinos such as Sunpalace, Casino Max, Lucky Red Casino or slotsplus.

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