6 and 8 Power Pressing Place Bets in Craps

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Craps is a game with many different bets to make. Among the most popular bets are place bets. These bets are individual wagers on the 4,5,6,8,9, and 10. The bet is that these numbers will be rolled before a 7 appears and the shooter craps out.

Power pressing the 6 and 8 place bets can be a way to maximize your craps profits. You may be able to get in a position where you are playing with the house’s money. Any craps player will tell you that this is a very good spot to be in. Here’s what you need to know.

What are Place Bets in Craps?

First let’s talk about place bets in craps. You will find these bets on the side of the craps table in a long row. There is a series of boxes that are labeled with the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. At any time you can place a bet on any or all of these numbers. This is called place betting.

Once a point has been established by the shooter, you will get paid every time your place number is rolled until a 7 appears. When a 7 appears you will crap out and lose all the place bets. When a hot shooter is holding the dice for many minutes, the profits from place betting can add up in a hurry. When the dice are cold, you can lose many place bets in a row.

To cover all the place bets usually requires a minimum of $64 if you are betting a $10 unit. You can do it for $32 if you are betting in $5 increments. There is some risk involved, but the reward can be great. It is also true that place betting provides a little less of a risk than many of the other proposition bets that are available in craps.

Many professional craps players make a good living by focusing on place bets. You can play these bets in online as well as live craps. At an online casino you may even be able to play the bet for less than the $5 unit.

Why You Should Cover the 6 and 8 Place Bets

We mentioned that there are a total of six numbers on the place bet line. Are all of these good bets? The answer is that some of them are better wagers than others. The value of the bet depends upon how often you can expect the number to be rolled.

The 4 and 10 are going to come up less often because there are fewer ways to make this number than others. The next less common numbers would be the 5 and the 9. The 6 and the 8 are the most likely to be rolled because there are more ways to make these numbers than any other number except 7. The more combinations a number has, the more often it will appear in a craps game.

You can choose to cover any or all of the numbers on the place line. But, this requires a sizable investment. We think you should begin by covering the 6 and 8. This is especially true if you have a small bankroll for craps wagering.

The trick is to use your profits from the 6 and 8 to make wagers on the other place numbers at the expense of the house. You can do this through something known as pressing your craps bets.

What is Pressing in Craps?

In craps you can take the profits from your place bets and tuck it away, or you can choose to keep it in play and add to your existing bet. For example, a 6 is rolled and you win the bet. Instead of taking the bet you say, “Press.” The craps dealer will then add your winnings to the existing bet that you have on the 6. This is a good way to build your bet as you look for a hot streak.

You can also take the profits that you make from a bet and place them on another number. Let’s say that an 8 is rolled and you decide to use the profits from that bet to make a new place wager on the 10. You have now covered the 10 with the house’s money. If you are lucky enough to stumble into a hot streak, this will make you a sizable profit over time.

Pressing is a craps strategy that has been used by many professional craps players to make a good living at the game. You could join them with a little bit of skill and luck.

Power Pressing the 6 and 8

Let’s now talk for a minute about the concept of power pressing. When you power press you are letting the bets on the 6 and 8 build until you can cover all of the numbers on the place line. You can also just allow them to stay on the 6 and 8 where you will win higher amounts every time the number is rolled.

Power pressing is a risky strategy. It is one that you should save for when the table is being dominated by a hot shooter. For this strategy to work you need a player to hold the dice for a good ten to fifteen minutes. If you are playing craps online, you are always the shooter. You need the same length of roll without crapping out if you want to be successful with power pressing.

There are going to be times when this type of strategy is going to fall flat for you. You will get the entire place row covered, only for the very next roll to be a 7. This type of thing happens and there is nothing that you can do to control it.

Using Your Press Profits for Other Bets

Many craps players like to sample all of the bets on the craps table. This includes bets like the hardways bet which are not really in favor of the player. These are novelty bets, and the casino includes them so that you can throw your money away.

We’re not going to say that you should not play the exotic bets. What we will say is that you should use your profits from power pressing to make these bets. In this way you will be saving your own bankroll while still having a chance to play those difficult wagers.

Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t like the excitement of playing exotic bets at craps? Just don’t get carried away and let the house pay for it.

Bonus Strategy – The Hardway Bomb With Power Pressing Profits

Here is an example of what we are talking about. The hardway bets are ones which wager that a set of doubles will be rolled before another combination of that same number. A hard ten is a 5-5 instead of 6-4 or 4-6. A hard 8 is 4-4 instead of 2-6, 3-5, 5-3, or 6-2.

In craps you can make a bet that a hard combination will appear before a soft combination of a number. If it does you will be rewarded at very handsome odds.

To play this bet, use your power pressing profits to choose a hardway bet. Make the bet, and if it hits press the hardway bet again. If it hits a second time, press for a final time and take your profit when it hits. You will have a chance to win a large sum of money using only the profits that you have made at the craps table.

We think every craps player should try and perfect a strategy of power pressing the 6 and 8 numbers on the place line. Give this strategy a try right now when you sign up with one of our online casinos. You can even get free bonus money when you make your very first deposit.

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