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India is one of the world’s largest countries. Many people in India like to play gambling games online for real money, but Indian online casinos are still new compared to those in other countries. Gambling was long considered taboo in India until the past decade. Slowly, restrictions on both live and online gambling have started to be relaxed. Today, there are options for finding an India online casino.

Gambling Laws in India

For many years gambling has been very restricted in India. There are a couple of exceptions. The lottery and horse racing betting are two types of gambling that have been popular and legal in India for some time. It has taken longer for the country to accept Indian online casinos.

Opposition to many types of gambling in India goes back to at least 1867. The Public Gambling Act was enacted in that year, and it established fines and imprisonment for anyone that was found to be operating a gambling house. Things are a little different in 2020. India has now made provisions for individual states to create their own gambling legislation.

Some Indian states have realized than an India online casino can be a good source of revenue. The taxes and licensing fees for online casinos have the possibility to provide needed funds for state governments. Still, most Indians find themselves looking for offshore online casinos that are welcoming to players from India.

Offshore Indian Online Casinos

An offshore online casino can be defined as any online casino that is not hosted in the player’s home country. The online casinos that serve Indian players can be located in places like Curacao or Malta. The casinos maintain servers in those locations, and they are permitted to offer online gambling games to players in other countries. It is up to the country in question to decide whether or not its residents are allowed to play online blackjack, craps, slots, or other games.

Sometimes players can find ways around local gambling restrictions and play at an offshore online casino. To find out which offshore casinos offer online casino gambling to players in India you can check the reviews that we have provided of select online casinos. You can also contact the online casino directly to find out if Indian players are welcomed.

States That Allow India Online Casino Gambling

There are three states at the present time which have moved to legalize online gambling. These are Goa, Daman, and Sikkim. Goa and Daman have focused on opening land-based casinos, but Sikkim has tried the process of issuing online gambling licenses in 2010. This effort failed. Online lottery sales were permitted, but other online casino gambling games were not.

However, Sikkim has been instrumental in allowing offshore casinos to operate in India. The only requirement which has been imposed on offshore Indian online casinos is that the offshore casino accept the Rupee as a form of payment.

Popular Online Gambling Games in India

Online gambling preferences in India are not that much different than they are in other parts of the world. Slot machine games are always a popular choice, although they are not usually the best game for the online casino player that wants a good chance to make money.

Blackjack is the best online casino card game for the player in India. This card game has long been a staple of both live and online casinos. It is one of the only games in a casino that gives the player a chance to lower the odds against them. A player can decrease the house edge in blackjack when they choose to use basic blackjack strategy.

You can find basic blackjack strategy charts on the Counting Edge website. It is best to practice these blackjack techniques until you can execute them at the blackjack table without needing to refer to the chart. Of course, if you need to keep a chart handy while you play blackjack online in India no one will ever know that.

Some India online casino players also like to play the dice game craps. Craps is a very fast-paced game, but players can win a lot of money in a short period of time. They can also lose money when they are not careful.

Indian Online Casino Bonuses for New Players

Those who are new to online gambling in India will find that many offshore casinos offer bonuses to new players. There are two types of bonuses that online casinos provide. The first of these is a no-deposit bonus.

A no-deposit online casino bonus is one that rewards the player with a small amount of money that can be used to play the casino’s games. This amount is usually no more than $10. A player that is lucky may be able to turn this amount of money into a nice sum.

The more common type of Indian online casino bonus is the matching bonus. With this type of bonus the online casino will reward the player with an amount of money that is equal to the amount of their first deposit. The player can then use the free money to play any game that they like, but it must be wagered a certain number of times before it can be cashed out.

This information should be helpful for anyone that is looking for an Indian online casino. We suggest starting with the online casinos that we have recommended. These casinos have generous bonuses, and they can be accessed with a computer, mobile phone, or tablet.


Is online gambling legal in India?

Only two states in India have legalized online casinos and online gambling. These are Sikkim and Nagaland. Throughout the rest of the country the stance on gambling online is complex. Many people that are located in other states prefer to gamble at offshore online casinos that are regulated and licensed in other countries.

What devices can I use to play at an online casino in India? Will phones and tablets work?

You can play games at online casinos in India with a desktop or a laptop computer, but the most popular way to play is with a mobile device. Most casinos have apps that can be used with phones and tablets. This includes both iOS and Android devices. You should know that some online casino games in India are not available on mobile platforms. Be sure to check the availability of your favorite games before you sign up.

What are the most popular games at Indian online casinos?

Online casinos in India offer the same choice of games that you would find in any American casino. At the top of the list are slots, followed by table games such as craps and blackjack. You will also find video poker, bingo, and even scratch cards. Roulette is another popular option.

Which Indian online casino games give me the best chance to win?

Those who are smart about online gambling in India will want to choose either craps or blackjack when those games are available. These games have a very low house edge compared to others. This means that the player has a better chance to win. Slots have the poorest odds for the player when it comes to online Indian casino games.

Will I use rupees to play online casino games in India?

You can indeed use the rupee as a type of deposit when you open your online casino account. All you need to do is choose it as your currency from the main cashier window. The types of currency which are accepted by various casinos can vary, so be sure to check the terms and conditions of the site at which you intend to play.

How are online casinos in India regulated?

In the Indian states where online gambling is legal, gaming is regulated by a state gaming commission. This organization is tasked with making sure all laws are followed and that players are being treated fairly. Offshore online casinos in India are subject to the regulations of the country in which they are based.

Are there bonuses for players at Indian online casinos?

Online casinos are known for offering large bonuses to players. These bonuses can be received when certain conditions are met during sign up. There are usually two types of bonuses which can be received by the the player. The first of these is a no-deposit bonus. The other is a matching deposit bonus. The matching bonus is usually more generous and matches the player’s deposit 100% up to a certain amount. Always check the offers and find the best bonus offers before you sign up.

What must I do to begin playing for real money at online casinos in India?

You begin by choosing one of the online Indian casinos that we have recommended. We only recommend online casinos that are reputable and fair. You will then sign up according to the policies of the online casino. Once your account is verified and open, you can make your first deposit and begin playing the casino games for real money.

How can I make deposits to my online casino account in India?

Each online casino has its own deposit policies. You will find them under the cashier tab when you sign up for your account. Popular methods include credit or debit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets. The limits for each type of deposit can vary from one method to the next. You will want to choose the deposit method which works best for you. All may not be available in the region where you live.  

How can I withdraw my online casino winnings in India?

You withdraw your winnings by simply going to the cashier tab and choosing the amount that you want to withdraw. You can choose to have the money sent to an e-wallet, or you can have it sent to your bank. There are limits on how much money can be withdrawn per week. Be sure to check the policies of the casino before you sign up.

Will I have to pay taxes on money won from online gambling in India?

All online casinos in India are required to deduct 30% from casino winnings over a certain amount, specifically INR 10,000. This rate applies to all types of online gambling. You should keep records of your gambling activities if you play through a large amount of money each year. You may also be able to deduct your losses up to a certain amount.

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