10 Craps Secrets No Casino Wants You to Know

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Craps is a very good choice if you want to play an online casino game with decent odds. The famous dice game is second only to one other game when played properly. Like most gambling games, there are craps secrets that no casino wants you to know. Here are ten to remember.

Live Craps is Played Fast On Purpose

Have you ever paid attention to how fast the craps game can be when it is played live? The dice are always in the air, and bets are always being made. Many people don’t realize that live craps is played fast on purpose for a few different reasons.

The obvious one is that players are more likely to make a mistake when playing craps live. They get caught up in the action and forget to take bets down after a profit has been made. They may miss other betting opportunities. Keeping players confused is a good way to make sure the house wins.

Another reason for fast craps play online is the amount of space required by a craps table. The craps table is the biggest layout in the entire casino. More floor space means that the game must produce more money per hour for the casino. Craps is also a game that requires multiple employees, more than any other game. All of this means that the cost of operating a craps game demands a bigger profit. The casino has worked out exactly how many hands per hour are required to be successful.

Online Craps is Much Slower

Do you want to play craps in a slower environment? You can. All you need to do is sign up to play at an honest online casino. When you play virtual craps you are able to control the tempo of the game by deciding when you will make the next roll.

There may come a time when live craps game are available online. Until then the game is a virtual version. It depends upon a random number generator for its results. There are no other players in the virtual game, and you are always the shooter. Take your time if you are a beginner and learn all the various craps bets that can be made.

Craps Has a Low House Edge

We mentioned earlier that craps has a very low house edge when it is compared to most other games in the casino. In fact, only blackjack will give you a better chance to win. This includes all table games as well as slots and specialty games.

There is a condition. Craps has a low house edge when it is played according to specific strategies. You need to be betting the Don’t Pass line, taking the odds bet behind the line, or both. Craps can be a very bad gamble when you are playing the wrong bets.

The best way to approach the betting in craps is to use discipline. Have a plan that includes the most successful bets with the highest probability. You will soon find that your winning sessions outnumber the sessions in which you lose.

Craps Offers a Lot of Bad Bets the House Loves

On the subject of those bad bets, the house loves them. It is counting on you to play the worst bets on the table. The house is not often disappointed because many craps players can be called action bettors. They tend to crave any action they can get, and craps delivers. Just look at the craps table layout.

The house does well making all those bad bets look attractive. They are also enhanced by the stickmen and dealers calling them by amusing names. One of the hallmarks of a live craps game is the banter of the casino personnel.

You won’t have to deal with all of that chatter when you switch to playing craps online. You can focus and find the bets that are in your favor.

Dice Are Sometimes Changed to Disrupt a Hot Shooter

Everyone likes to encounter a hot shooter at the craps table. They want the same player to roll the dice for an extended period of time. The reason? A person keeps rolling as long as they keep winning. The dice are passed when a player craps out.

This craps secret no casino wants you to know about only applies to live craps games. Sometimes the casino will insist that a player change dice in the middle of a hot roll. This is almost always challenged by the players at the table, but there is nothing that can be done. The casino’s rules allow for the dice change.

It is a psychological tactic. A player may attribute their luck to the dice they hold. They will think that the new dice are against them. The truth is that a 7 is always bound to show up sooner or later.

You Can Request New Dice

Just like the casino can change the dice during a hot roll, you can request to have new dice. The difference here is that the casino does not have to grant your request. Most of them will because they know that the dice don’t matter.

All dice that are used in a live craps game are tested in a lab, weighed, and inspected before they are allowed to be used in a game. At any time the local gaming commission can walk into the casino and ask to inspect the dice. If they are found to be defective in any way, the craps game could be shut down.

Somewhat off the subject, but did you know that you can purchase used dice from the casino? Most of the time they are sold in the casino gift shop. Dice are retired after a short lifespan at the craps table.

You Should Be Betting With the House Sometimes

Most people don’t think about betting with the house when it comes to gambling. One of the ten craps secrets that casinos don’t want you to know is that you are allowed to bet with the house on something called the Don’t Pass line. This bet means that you are betting the player will crap out.

Of all the numbers that are included on a pair of dice, the 7 is the number that can be made the most ways. It comes up more often than any other number. When a shooter is trying to make a point in craps, you should bet against them. This includes you when you are the shooter.

This bet only applies to the Don’t Pass line. And it usually is made after a point has been made. You can still bet the Don’t Pass line on the come out roll if you choose.

Many Players Overlook the Odds Bet in Craps

When you play craps online or in a live casino, don’t forget about the craps odds bet. This is a bet that is made behind the line bet. Some casinos will give you as high as 100X odds on your line bet when you make this additional wager. The 100X odds bet can virtually wipe out the house edge against you.

We seem to encounter more people forgetting about this bet when they are playing craps online. Be sure to make it at each opportunity. Just remember to not bet over your head. A good win with the odds bet can get players excited and cause them to bet loose.

Craps is Cheaper When Played Online

A big craps secret is that the game can be much cheaper to play online. You want to learn? Learn the game by playing it for as little as $1 per hand in an online casino. Compare this with the live casino where it can cost you $5 or $10 minimum to lay craps.

Why are the table limits higher in the game of craps in a live casino? Remember what we said earlier. Craps is a game that takes up a lot of space on the floor. The casino has to make a certain amount of profit with each passing hour. This means raising the table limit of the games.

You Can Win a Lot Fast at Craps

Sometimes the fast nature of the game can work in your favor if you are on a hot roll. More money can be won at craps in a shorter period of time. With the potential of such fast profits come a few distinct pitfalls.

You may be lulled into greed, pursuing bets that are not in your favor to win more money. Know that you can also lose money quickly at craps. The fast accumulation of your winnings may also compel you to remain in a craps game much longer than you should.

By visiting CrapsPit, I hope you learn how to play craps, by studying the Craps Rules before you venture off to Play Craps Online. Here we also offer a free craps game, great to practice placing bets.


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