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What’s So Great about Online Casinos?

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online casino gambling We get a lot of questions here at the Crapspit about the benefits of playing at an online casino versus a live casino. These are legitimate questions especially if you’ve never played at an online casino. In some of our other articles, we talked about safety and security when using an online casino so this article won’t go into that again (if you choose a reputable online casino, your money and account information are safe and secure). So, what’s so great about online casinos? Why do so many people like playing at them instead of live ones? Here are a few of the main reasons.

Online casino games are easy and comfortable to play. If you know how to use a computer mouse, then you can play every game the online casino offers. You can use your laptop to play while lying in bed in your pajamas, or lean back in your favorite chair at your computer desk. You don’t have to take a shower, wash your hair, or put on makeup. There’s no standing for hours at the craps table. No waiting for a seat to open at the Blackjack table or slot machines. No standing in line at the bathroom. No waiting for the drink server to bring your drink. You can take breaks whenever you want and not have to worry about losing your favorite slot machine or spot at the table. You can listen to your favorite music or watch television while you play craps for real money!

Online casinos can be cheaper in the long run than live casinos. A big factor that helps cut the cost of playing at on online casino is the fact that the bet minimums are usually a lot less than at a live casino. For example, the minimum at a live casino’s craps table might be $5 or $10 but the minimum at an online casino might only be $1. That’s a significant difference. If your buy-in for each craps session is 20 times the table minimum, that means your buy-in at a live casino is $100 compared to your buy-in at an online casino of only $20.

When playing at a live casino you have to consider the cost of transportation. If you’re a local and play every other day, the cost of gas can add up to a lot each month. Transportation to an online casino is nothing more than walking a few steps to your computer. If you’re not a local, transportation costs can be very expensive. Plane tickets and taxi rides or a rental car for a single trip to Vegas can add up to big money. The transportation cost for just one trip to Vegas might pay for several months of playing in your own home at an online casino. For example, let’s say you spend $500 for round trip plane tickets to Vegas and $100 for taxis rides (that’s a total of $600 just for transportation for a single trip). Compare that $600 to playing at a $1 online craps table. If your buy-in is 20 times the table minimum, then your buy-in for each online craps session is $20. That means for the $600 you spend on just transportation costs alone for one trip to Vegas, you could play 30 online craps sessions. Let’s say you regularly play online craps two sessions per week. That means the $600 transportation cost for only one trip to Vegas could pay for 15 weeks (or almost 4 months) of playing online craps. Just this fact alone makes you wonder why you haven’t signed up yet at an online casino!

Along with transportation costs are room and board costs if you’re not a local. Considering the daily cost of a hotel and restaurant food, you’re looking at another $500 for your Vegas trip. That’s $500 more you could have spent playing online craps in the comfort of your own home.

Many online casinos offer better payouts for slots than live casinos because online casinos have lower overhead costs so they can pay more back to their players. Think of the cost to operate one of those big mega-resorts in Vegas. Compare that to the cost of operating a safe, secure, and reputable online casino. A comparison can’t even be made because the difference is so great.

Online casinos give bonuses, which we talk about in one of our other articles. While live casinos do offer comps, the bonuses that some online casinos offer can oftentimes be a bigger and better value. Make sure you read our other article about online casino bonuses so you don’t lose out on everything you can gain from them.

If you don’t like to be around people, then the online casino is perfect for you. Lying in your bed playing on your laptop there are no smokers, no drunks, no jerks, no bums with wicked body odor or bad breath, and no chatterboxes talking your ear off. It’s heaven!

With all the benefits of playing at an online casino, why are you waiting? Why haven’t you already signed up to play craps online? We’ve done a lot of the homework for you so take a look at the online casinos featured on our website. The fun and excitement of this wonderful game called craps is only a few clicks away! Check out some best rated rtg casino such as Sun Palace, Casino Max, or Slots Plus to play craps for money. We also have a bonus guide and some Craps FAQ.

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