Craps Bets Rules – The Best Craps Bets

You can make a lot of different bets in a craps, but that doesn’t make it difficult to learn the craps rules of the Craps game.

I recommend that you start practicing Craps Bets such as the pass-line bet, and once you get the hang of that you will find it much easier to understand the rest of the craps bet types.

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  1. You list the bets but you left out the “Don’t Place” bet. And please don’t tell me I have the “Don’t Place” or “NO Place” bet confused with a ‘Lay’ bet.
    For every right side bet their MUST be an opposing wrong side bet…it’s the rules. So why don’t casinos, or you, talk about or acknowledge the fact that casinos DON’T allow player’s to make a “Don’t Place” bet? I’ll tell you why! Because casinos don’t want a player to make a bet using the 7 in the player’s favor! Casinos milk players anyway they can for their money. That’s why they charge a 5% ‘vig’ or commission on ‘Lay’ bets…to get whatever extra money they can. But when making a “Don’t Place” bet there isn’t a ‘vig’ or commission. The payoff odds are different but that doesn’t matter. What matters is no one talks about a bet that gives a player an advantage on a ‘cold’ table that doesn’t cost anything to make.

    1. William, thank you for your comment; however, it appears that you’re a bit misguided in your understanding of the game. Let’s break down your comments. First, there is no standard set of betting rules that apply to every casino. Each casino starts with the basic rules of the modern game. (Review our other material about craps.) Today’s casinos use the basic betting rules of the modern game and introduce their own tweaks to offer their customers something new and different (and to help increase their profits). For example, some casinos allow Put bets while others don’t. New bets are invented and inserted into the game, such the Small, Tall, and All bets (some casinos have these bets, while others don’t). Another example is that some casinos offer “crapless” craps, while other casinos don’t. So, it’s inaccurate to say as you do, “…it’s the rules…,” because casinos commonly adjust the basic betting rules to suit their own specific needs (i.e., casinos abide by their own rules, not some fictitious worldwide craps law). Therefore, your statement, “For every right side bet there must be an opposing wrong side bet…it’s the rules,” is incorrect because one casino’s betting rules can differ from another’s. Your statement, “…casinos don’t want a player to make a bet using the 7 in the player’s favor,” is also incorrect. The Don’t Pass and Lay bets do exactly that — they allow the player to make bets using the 7 in their favor. Then you state, “Casinos milk players anyway they can for their money.” Of course! Casinos are businesses, and they’re in business to make money. Then, you make the oddest statement of your entire post, “The payoff odds are different but that doesn’t matter…what matters is no one talks about a bet that gives a player an advantage on a cold table that doesn’t cost anything to make.” Where did get the idea that the casino is ever going to allow a player to make a bet that has a player advantage or to make a bet that doesn’t cost anything? That’s just silly. The casino has the edge on every bet on the table except the Free Odds bet, which is neutral (neither a player nor a house advantage). The player doesn’t have an advantage on any bet that currently exists on any table layout in the world, and the player will never have an advantage on any future new bet that’s invented and introduced into the game. The Buy and Lay bets have vigs because those bets pay true odds (i.e., no house advantage), so the casino makes its profit by charging the tax. One way or another, the casino makes money, either from the payoff odds or charging a tax. The player never ever has an advantage. Your statement, “The payoff odds are different but that doesn’t matter…,” makes no sense. Of course, it matters. If Don’t Place bets existed, the casino would unquestionably set the payoff odds to favor the house (or if the payoff odds were neutral, they’d charge a vig, in which case the bet would be the same as the Lay). We suggest that you do more homework to better understand the game. Although you’re a bit misguided, this discussion is valuable to help other readers better understand the game. So, thanks again for your post.

      1. Well explained , think this person is a don’t pass line player and is angry that they get treated different then the pass line players …..betting against the table is low key since only few do it but it the same odds either way you play…

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