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How do you win big money in craps?

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Craps has a reputation for being a game where fortunes can turn quickly. You can win a lot or lose a lot in a short period of time at the craps table. How do you win big money at craps? This is the question that most players want to answer. Here’s a look at some proven methods used by the professionals.

Have a Proper Craps Bankroll

This is an important rule for any type of gambling. You cannot play craps properly unless you have enough money in your bankroll to cover all of the bets that you will need to make. For straight line betting, 50X the table minimum is a good start. To win big money at craps you’ll need to bump this up so that you can make prop bets and place bets.

If you were to play craps live or online at a $5 table, a good starting bankroll might be around $500. This would be $250 to make your line bets and another $250 to make props and other wagers. For a $1 craps game online, $100 might be enough.

The amount is subjective to some degree. Some gamblers are more risk averse. They will require a smaller bankroll. The gambler that swings for the fences will need more money.

Don’t Bet With Scared Money

The money that you choose to wager on craps or any other type of gambling must be set aside for that purpose. If you are playing with money that should be used for bills or other expenses, this is a recipe for disaster. The old saying applies here. Scared money never wins.

If you are playing with money that you cannot afford to lose you will be too conservative. You will not take the good betting opportunities when they are presented.

Be Willing to Escape Your Comfort Zone

Most bettors have a level at which they become uncomfortable making bets. How do you win big money at craps? You start by becoming willing to move beyond your comfort zone and place larger wagers.

This can be one of the most difficult hurdles for gamblers to overcome. Some are just not able to take the leap and bet $100 or more on a single roll of the dice. To win large sums of money you are going to have to do that on occasion.

Define Big Money for Yourself

You should take the time before you play to define big money on your own terms. How much money do you need to win at craps to feel as though you have made a big score. That number tends to be different for everyone.

If you are a small stakes player, your idea of big money will be lower than the whale who bets $500 per hand. Even though the concept is relative, you still need to know what your own number is so that you can walk away and celebrate a successful session.

Let Craps Winnings Fund Risky Bets

There are many different bets that can be made at the game of craps. This is one of the reasons that the game is so much fun to play. Some of the bets that are offered carry a high amount of risk. If you assign your bankroll to making these high-risk wagers you will soon go broke.

A better strategy is to let the profits you make from other craps wagers fund your risky bets. You can take money that you have made in a single session and take the occasional swing for the fences with a wager on that hard 8. Just don’t become so enamored with these side bets that they become your primary focus.

Learn the Art of Pressing in Craps

In the game of craps you will often hear someone use the word “press” to indicate that they want to let their winning bet ride on another roll. Let’s say that you win a place bet on the 4. Rather than take your profit and bank it, you decide to press the 4 by adding the profit to your existing bet. Your hope is that the 4 will hit again and you will have a bigger win.

Pressing in craps is an art. It is not a strategy that you should just employ on a whim. There are times to press and there are times when you need to take the profit. An entire article could be written on how and when to press.

Don’t Try To Recoup Losses By Betting Big

There are many gamblers who get down in a certain session and decide to begin betting bigger so that they can recoup their losses. This is almost always a bad idea. When you are down at the craps table what you need to do is stick with your overall strategy. If the session turns around, great. If it does not and you hit your loss limit, walk away.

Some losses in craps are just inevitable. You should never lose sight of the fact that you can live to fight another day when you keep your bankroll intact. You are only out of the game for good when you go broke.

Plug Your Gambling Leaks

It doesn’t really matter how much money you win at craps. If you are not able to contain your leaks, you will never win the big money. Leaks are ways that you allow gambling winnings to slip away, and they usually involve other gambling games.

Many craps players have a leak with slots. They win a lot of money in a craps session only to give it all back to the casino after a few hours on a slot machine. This is what the casino wants to happen. When you win, plug your leaks and bank those profits.

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