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I have added a free craps game and the great news is that you can enjoy it on your mobile phones too!  Just click the image and the game will load so you can play craps for fun. Play as much as you want and practice the different craps bets. Feel free to let me know what you think of the game and share the page on facebook too! This is just one game to play craps for fun but if you visit the casinos listed on the site you can play higher quality craps game for free or real money.

Click to Play Craps

Also, let me know via email if you would be interested in an app to download from the app store or google play store! Click on the game image above to load the Craps Game Online. No download and no signup, just have fun!

You can also find another free craps game over at Wizard of Vegas!



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      I would suggest you download the software from the real money casinos as they have much better quality vs free games. You can also play for free at the online casinos Click here

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        The house edge is determined by the rules and odds of a particular game and is designed to favor the casino.

        In electronic or online casino games, the Random Number Generator (RNG) is used to simulate the randomness of live games. The RNG ensures that the outcomes of each game are unpredictable and fair. However, the house edge itself is not changed by the RNG.

        What can vary between different versions of a game, whether live or electronic, is the specific rules and variations implemented. Some versions may have rules that increase or decrease the house edge. For example, different variations of blackjack may have different rules regarding when the dealer must hit or stand, the number of decks used, etc. These rule variations can impact the overall house edge of the game.

        In summary, while the RNG ensures randomness in electronic casino games, the house edge is determined by the rules of the game and is not typically adjusted during play. Rule variations, however, can influence the overall advantage the house has in a particular game.

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