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The long wait is over for players who want to play online live craps. Evolution Gaming launched the very first live craps game for online casinos. Players can now play the game of craps in real time with a live video feed. Everything can be seen as the game plays out. The game sports multiple modes and an attractive setting.

Some players are asking if this new game from Evolution is really live online craps. The answer might not be what you expect. Before you put down money to roll those dice and get on a winning streak, here are some important things to know.

About Live Dealer Craps

For years players have been asking for a live dealer version of craps that can be played online. Other live dealer games such as blackjack and baccarat have been available for a few years now. Many suspect that the difficulty of translating online craps to a live platform is what has caused the delay with the world’s favorite gambling dice game.

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Evolution Gaming has now solved the problem. The industry leader in online casino game development has announced the very first live online craps game. We were pretty excited about it until we discovered that the game isn’t exactly what Evolution says it is. It is actually more like a video game.

The online game that Evolution is calling live craps is actually a video version of the game. The dealers aren’t live in the regular sense. They are virtual reality dealers. What Evolution has done is basically added a human element to the game with video technology. Live craps is different from live ONLINE craps.

Live Craps Online

What are we trying to say here? The best way to explain it is to compare the game of live online craps to other live dealer games. We will use blackjack as our example.

In live dealer blackjack there is an actual blackjack dealer in a studio. This dealer is being live streamed in real time to the players at the online casino. They can see him as he deals the game, shuffles the cards, and performs all the other actions of a real dealer. The players can even chat with the dealer or other players in real time.

The Evolution live online craps game works differently. There is no live studio. Instead, Evolution has replaced the standard virtual craps table layout with a video display. In the display there is a male or female dealer who presents and conducts the game in response to the player’s actions. This dealer is nothing more than a recorded loop of a dealer.

All the actions taken by the player are done with the standard virtual interface. The dice are still controlled by a random number generator.

Some players are going to be upset and feel that they have been mislead. Others are going to appreciate the upgrade to the old graphics. It just depends on the experience that the player wants to have.

Why Play Live Craps Online?

Maybe we should start by telling you why you should not choose to play live craps online. If you are expecting more transparency, the ability to interact with other players, or an actual live action craps game, this game is probably not for you.

With that being said, the games does offer some cool aspects. For starters the game is conducted from what appears to be an old speakeasy. It’s a nice setting that sort of pays tribute to the backroom craps games of the past.

The “live” dealers are actually male and female models. They are easy on the eyes. At the very least you will probably enjoy the visual aspect of playing craps online this game.

What may be the best part of the game, especially for new craps players, is that it has an easy mode. In this mode the game is paired down to the bare essentials. The player is not overwhelmed with the multitude of bets that are available in a standard craps game. A few hours spent playing the easy mode of this craps game will prepare you for the full experience.

How to Play Live Dealer Craps

There is a very small learning curve for learning how to play live online craps. It is very similar to the game as you may have played it in a live casino. It is also similar to the virtual versions that are offered in online casinos.

In the Evolution live dealer craps game you are the only player at the table. You will be the shooter, or the person who rolls the dice, each time. You can control the tempo of the game by deciding when you are ready to make your roll.

The game begins with you making a pass line bet. This is the minimum wager that is allowed. You cannot play or make other bets at live online craps unless you have made the minimum bet. In virtual games the minimum bet is usually $1. The live craps online game will probably have a higher minimum. It could be as high as $10 but will likely be $5.

Once your starting line bet has been made, you click to roll the dice. A 7 or an 11 on the first roll is a win for the Pass line bet. A 2, 3, or 12 on the first roll is a loss for the Pass line bet and a win for the Don’t Pass line bet. Any other number establishes a point which must be rolled again before a 7 appears.

You will notice that there are many bets on the online craps table. These include field bets, proposition bets, and hardway bets and other exotic wagers. Some bets may be played for as little as $1. Others will require the same as the table minimum.

Online Live Craps Strategy

Before you play live craps online there are a few elements of strategy that you should understand. We suggest that all players become familiar with the basic game of craps and all of its bets by reading our many articles on the subject.

We recommend that new online craps players choose the Easy Mode of the game. In this version only the basic bets are permitted. You will be able to learn the game at your own pace before you move on to the other bets that are allowed.

Our second suggestion is to slow down the live online craps game. You do not have to be in a hurry to make your roll because you are the only player. Don’t be pushed into a fast game if this makes you uncomfortable.

Stick with the minimum bet until you are comfortable betting more. Also, remember to have an adequate bankroll before you sit down to play. We always suggest 50X the table minimum. A $5 craps table should be played with a $250 bankroll. Here at CrapsPit we have a free craps game you can play for fun that you may want to check out.

Live Online Craps FAQ

We have put together a list of live online craps questions that are often asked by our Craps Pit readers. If you don’t see your question listed here, check back from time to time. We will add more questions as they are asked.

What is live dealer craps?

Evolution Gaming has developed a form of live online craps that uses a virtual reality dealer. The game is not actually live, but it does include the look and feel of a live online craps game and the same craps rules apply.

Are live online craps and live dealer craps the same thing?

Yes. Live online craps may be referred to as live dealer craps. but sometimes live craps refers to in person craps game at a casino.

Do all online casinos offer live craps?

At the time this review was written there were only a few online casinos that were offering live craps. More casinos are sure to adopt the game once it has gained popularity among players.

Is live online craps a fast game?

The current versions of live craps for online players allow the player to control the tempo of the game by deciding when the dice are rolled.

Can I play live online craps on my phone?

These games for mobile devices are still in development. The nature of craps is complex and does not lend itself to play on a phone. This is changing, and at some point you can expect to see live online craps on your phone or tablet.

Is live online craps strategy the same?

The same strategy that is used to play live craps or virtual craps online can be used with live online craps. Always have a sound strategy before you attempt to play this game online for real money.

Is online live craps legal in the US?

At the present time most US states remain opposed to online gambling. This is slowly changing. US players are also welcomed by many offshore online casinos. Players are encouraged to check the local regulations in their state before playing.

Who shoots the dice in live online craps?

The player is always the shooter in live craps online. This is an advantage because it allows the player to control the speed of the game.

Is live dealer online craps fair?

Evolution Gaming has a good reputation for fairness in its catalog of games. There is no reason to believe that Evolution’s live online craps will be any different.

What is the minimum bet in live online craps?

Evolution will likely leave it up to the online casinos which offer live craps to determine the minimum bet. Players can expect to make a $5 minimum wager on live online craps.

Where is the dealer located in online live craps?

In the current version of Evolution live online craps the dealer is a virtual male or female that has been programmed to carry out the various functions of the game.


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