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How To Play at Online Casino – Quick Guide

Are you thinking about playing blackjack, craps or other gambling games at an online casino. Great! You could be on the way to easy gambling profits. If you have never gambled online before, there are a few things to know. Here is a quick guide on how to play at online casinos.

How to Gamble Online for Beginners

Hopefully, you have some gambling experience in live casinos. That will help but it is not necessary. A large number of online gamblers are trying things for the first time. As a beginner it is important for you to become familiar with a few basics. Knowledge can often be the deciding factor between the player who goes broke and the player who breaks even or wins. Craps in specific, check out our post on Learn Craps in Less Than Four Minutes.

Most players have general questions. One of the most common is how old one needs to be to gamble online. It can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but 21 years of age is common. This is always the case in the US states where online gambling is legal. In some offshore casinos a player might be able to wager at 18. Just know that lying about your age is probably going to prevent you from getting a payout if you win big.

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The way that you play games online begins with registering with an online casino. You’ll be asked to provide some basic information, and you may need to prove your identity. After your account is verified, you simply make a deposit and choose the games you want to play online for real money.

In some cases you will be given bonus money when you sign up for an online casino account. You must play through, or wager, this bonus money a certain number of times before you are allowed to cash it out. Some casinos may also limit your withdrawals to a certain amount of money each week. It is best to check with the customer service department of the online casino before creating your account to learn more.

Casino Games, Requirements, and RNGs

Once you sign up at the online casino you are going to be bombarded with games to play. There are literally hundreds of slot machines, video poker games, and table games like blackjack to enjoy. Before you jump into any of these games you should know how the games function.

Virtual games at an online casino use what is known as an RNG, or random number generator. This software is responsible for what symbols appear on the reels of a slot machine or what cards appear in a blackjack game. Most casinos are now using a provably fair model of gaming. This model allows the results of games to be examined. In this way the randomness of results can be verified.

Live dealer online casino games are a different matter. These games are conducted with a live dealer who deals the game in a studio. A live video stream is offered to players so they can observe the dealer in real time. The players can see all the actions of the dealer, and the dealer conducts the game exactly as it would be conducted in a live casino.

Progressive jackpots are found on many games in an online casino. These games can pay life changing jackpots on a single spin. Some players have even won more than $1 million when playing progressive games.

New players also want to know if there are limits on wagering amounts. The answer is yes. Each type of online casino games usually has a minimum and a maximum wager. Players cannot bet below the minimum and cannot bet above the maximum.

So, how do you make money in an online casino? The answer is not too complicated. You pick the games with the best payout percentage. That means the game that has the lowest house edge. Blackjack is one of the very best games for online casino players. Why? Because the house edge is very low. It can even be reduced to zero when the smart online blackjack player uses basic strategy and sound money management.

Bonuses, Loyalty Schemes, and Rewards

One of the great things about gambling at an online casino are the bonuses and rewards that one can receive while playing. Sometimes you can even receive a reward just for opening your online casino account. Loyalty schemes are programs which reward players for frequent play.

The welcome bonus and no-deposit bonus are two common types of bonuses that online casinos offer. A welcome bonus is usually tied to the player’s first deposit. An online casino may give the player a certain amount of money as a reward, or they may provide a matching bonus. A matching bonus is one in which the casino will match the first deposit made by the player up to a certain amount.

The no-deposit bonus is given without a deposit being necessary. This is usually $10-$20 in free play or free spins on the online casino’s slot machines.

Many people ask, “Why should I play online?” One answer is that you can claim all of this free money and use it to play your favorite games. Yes, there are wagering requirements, but you can easily satisfy those with a few hours of play.

Most online casinos will enroll you in their online loyalty program as soon as you create your account. There is nothing you will need to do in order to be placed into this program. The loyalty points that you earn can be traded in for free spins, bonus cash, and more.

Casino Banking and Payments

Online casinos use a number of banking methods that will allow you to make deposits and receive withdrawals. These can include:

  • Debit and credit cards
  • Bank transfers
  • Payment processors (Skrill, Moneybookers)

Some online casinos are even accepting Bitcoin now for deposits. In most cases the deposit that you make at an online casino is credited right away. You do not have to wait for it to be posted. Some deposits like a bank wire can require a waiting period of 24-48 hours.

You can use the banking feature or CASHIER tab at your online casino to track the deposits and withdrawals that have been made. You can cash out your winnings at any time, but realize that some online casinos may have a waiting period or a limit on how much money can be withdrawn in a single week.

All of your deposits are safe thanks to the encryption and security measures that are used by the online casino. Your private information is protected, and the most reputable online casinos do not make their player information available to third parties.

Staying Safe Online

It is only natural that online casino players would be concerned about their safety online. The first thing that players need to avoid is a scam casino. The best way to do that is to only play at online casinos that are recommended by Counting Edge.

You can also spot a rogue casino by the poor player reviews that may be posted online. Another measure is to try and contact the online casino’s customer service department. You should be able to get an answer to any issues within a reasonable period of time.

Legit online casinos use a number of measures to keep player deposits safe. You should always ask about how the casino intends to protect the money that you have deposited for wagering.

Now, let’s talk about another aspect of safety. Many people that begin to gamble online are overcome with a gambling addiction. This can be a serious problem. Gambling addiction has destroyed individuals and families. If you suspect that you have a gambling problem, seek help immediately.

A sign that you might have a gambling addiction is something called Gambler’s Fallacy. This is when you start to blame other factors beside the house edge for losing. You think the game is rigged. In some cases you may even think you lost because you failed to wear a certain piece of clothing or carry a certain item. This is your effort to rationalize a gambling addiction.

The best way to help someone with a gambling addiciton is to refer them to a professional for help. You can also refuse to enable their gambling behavior. It is possible to stop gambling, but the best way to do it is to simply stop.

Casino Software & Technology

Online casinos today are very high tech. At almost all online casinos you have the option to play with a computer or mobile device. Most online casinos today have chosen to go with a platform that does not require a download. You can simply enjoy the games from a web browser. If a casino has a downloadable client, you may want to install it to your computer for more reliable gameplay.

Online casino apps are available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. You can download an app to your device and enjoy all the benefits of your online casino account from the palm of your hand. In many cases you don’t need the latest model phone, although the newer phones and tablets will usually have better graphics.

You do need to have an Internet connection to play, and be aware that you will use a significant amount of data when streaming content.

Need More Online Casino Information?

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