The Field Bet – Perhaps not bad

Putting chips where the house has a big advantage is rarely a wise thing to do. On an average, you will lose more than you would if the chips were in a section with lower house advantage.

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I seldom recommend someone to put money on, what many consider, a sucker bet. But sometimes it is not that stupid.

The house edge on a field bet is 5.26%. That is not very good compared with, for example, a pass line bet where the house edge is only 1.41%. Therefore, most of the players choose to wager on the pass line more often than other places on the craps lay-out.

If you want to put money on the field bet anyway I can teach you a system that I like. It is good to use if you want to determine if you are in a hot or a cold streak. If you find yourself in a good streak it can be very prosperous, but if it turns out that you are cold at the table, your losses will be limited.

Start with buying in for an amount that is appropriate for you bankroll. Let’s say you buy in for $1000. You start by putting one unit in the field bet section, $10 is good choice. If you win that bet you increase your bet by one unit. The next bet is $20. If you win that as well, increase by another unit; notice that I don’t say that you should double the bet.

If you should loose a bet you just do the reverse and go down a unit for the next bet. This is what makes your losses limited if you are running cold. If you would loose the first 4 bets you have lost 4 units 4x$10. If you then win the next 4 bets you have actually won money. $10 on the first bet, then $20, $30 and $40, you are now up $100 minus the initial loss.

When should you stop? It is important to not to carry on playing this system forever. If you are cold you have to stop, maybe when you have lost a third of your initial buy-in. And if you would catch a good streak you should stop playing the system when you are up 1/3 of the buy in.

Like I said, playing the high house advantage bets is rarely a good thing, but I think this could be an exception.

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