Harrah's New Digital Craps Table

Roll to Win Craps – Las Vegas Strip

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Live craps players in Las Vegas are about to see something rare. A variation of the popular dice game is headed to the Las Vegas Strip courtesy of Harrah’s. What makes this game newsworthy is the fact that it is a fully digital game, just like the ones that you would find in an online casino.

A New Age of Live Craps

In an article published by the Las Vegas Review Journal, Harrah’s Las Vegas announced the addition of Roll to Win Craps. The game is now live on the casino floor, and the patrons seem to love it. This is probably what Harrah’s was hoping for.

Craps is a game that experienced players love. It is also a game that doesn’t do such a good job at attracting new players. Many newcomers are intimidated by the fast-paced nature of live craps. The shouting players and dealers can be a distraction. There are also a lot of bets being made at any given time on the craps table. That can cause new players to lose, and they become soured on the game.

This is a problem that Harrah’s hopes to solve with Roll to Win Craps. Now more than ever live casinos in Las Vegas and other parts of the world need to bring in new players. The Covid-19 pandemic has kept people at home, and many of them have turned to online casinos for craps. It is no surprise that the Roll to Win Craps game from Aruze Gaming is a fully digital version that requires no dealer. They also offer the bubble craps machine.

About Roll to Win Craps

Roll to Win Craps has a LED layout that makes up the entire field layout on the table. The game also uses electronic bets. This means that players can put in money like they would a slot machine, and they can cash out a ticket when they are ready to leave. No dealers, box men, or stick men means less expense for the casino.

Players make their wagers electronically. There are animated features that come into play on the LED surface. An example is dancing flames whenever there is a hot shooter. This type of interaction is exactly what players experience online, except to a smaller scale. The Roll to Win Craps game takes things up a notch with graphics and game play.

One of the best features of the game may be its interactive help menu. A new player can tap their individual screen and get access to some basic game tutorials. Harrah’s hopes that this will reduce the intimidation of the game for new players.

Live Casinos Losing Craps Players

The live casino industry was one of the hardest hit by the pandemic starting March 2020. Many live casinos were forced to close temporarily. Some did not survive and closed permanently. The ones that were able to weather the storm have now a greater challenge. How do they bring back in players that have now turned to online casinos?

Online gambling is popular throughout the world, and it is even being legalized in many states in the US. Players have learned that they can play games like blackjack, craps, and slots online. It is much more convenient, especially for players that do not live close to a live casino. What players really like is being able to play games at their own pace.

In online craps the player can wager for much less. Some craps games offer a minimum bet of just $1. They also control the tempo of the game, clicking to roll the dice when they are ready. This can help to put a player at ease when they are gambling online and learning how to play.

The Roll to Win Craps game is technically a hybrid. The player controls most aspects of the game, but the dice rolls are still timed. This can help players learn how to react to the dynamics of a live craps game while still taking off some of the pressure.

Is Roll to Win Craps Available at Online Casinos?

There is no official Roll to Win Craps game at any of the online casinos that we recommend. There is no need! This game functions much the same as a virtual craps game that you can find online. The main difference is in the quality and display of the graphics.

We would expect that other gaming developers who specialize in games for online casinos will soon take inspiration from the Roll to Win Craps game. The graphics for online casinos are getting better all the time. This is a craps game that could do the same for online craps that Harrah’s hopes it will do for live craps. That is to attract new players.

If you cannot make it to Las Vegas to play Roll to Win Craps, we suggest checking out one of the online casinos that we recommend. You can even get a matching bonus on your first deposit when you sign up today. Check out some safe online casinos or dive straight to the review of Casino Max or slotsplus casino review.

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