Casino Refuses to Pay 3 Million USD in Winings

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Jacqueline Davis Online gambling is becoming more popular in the United States as states like Michigan legalize online casinos. One Michigan player is crying foul after having her $3 million win at a special roulette game denied by BetMGM. BetMGM is one of the first online casinos to offer games in Michigan. The casino claims that a glitch was responsible for the massive win, and the player’s winnings will not be paid. (Source) Although not related to Casino CRAPS, it is still relevant!

From $50 to $3 Million in Five Days

Jacqueline Davis from Detroit was eager to try BetMGM, one of Michigan’s new legal online casinos. She soon found herself hooked on some of the casino’s games. In particular, a St. Patrick’s Day themed roulette game called Luck O’ the Roulette claimed Davis’ attention. Her devotion to the game became even stronger when Davis began winning.

Davis claims that she stayed up for five days straight playing the game because she was on a massive winning streak. At one point her winnings had reached $11 million dollars. She kept gambling, giving a portion of the winnings back. Once she hit $3 million in profit, Davis decided to cash out.

That’s when the problems began. Davis thought that she had become an instant millionaire from online gambling, but her story wasn’t finished.

BetMGM Says Online Roulette Game Malfunctioned

The BetMGM online casino is licensed by the State of Michigan to provide gambling games like slots, roulette, and blackjack. Players who are of legal age and reside in Michigan can play the games on a computer or tablet. It is also legal to wager on sports online in Michigan.

Jacqueline Davis began her marathon gambling session with just $50. She claims that she never had more than $5,000 in play on the roulette table. Davis would withdraw winnings when she got ahead. Once she declined to $3 million, Davis decided it was time to start removing money from the casino to her bank account. She requested a disbursement of her winnings, but BetMGM would give her only $100,000. The casino claimed that there was a glitch in the game.

Davis retained a local attorney, David Steingold, to represent her in legal proceedings. The attorney states that the casino’s claim there was a glitch does not stand up because Davis won the money over a period of five days.

According to Steingold, the state regulators demand that each game is inspected daily for any glitches. Any such glitch would have been discovered, says the lawyer, and that Davis should be paid her winnings immediately.

BetMGM has refused to comment on the situation, but Davis’ attorney has claimed that the casino offered her a settlement of $100,000 if she signed a confidentiality agreement and refused to discuss the glitch.

Are Online Casinos Required to Pay Huge Jackpots?

It is assumed by a player that any jackpot winnings from an online casino must be paid right away. In many cases, casinos have paid out large jackpots. There have also been instances when the casino did not pay, and usually the reason is attributed to a malfunction of the game software.

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All virtual games in an online casino usually bear a disclaimer that states something similar to the following: a malfunction voids all pays and plays. This is a safety net for the online casino. Some people claim that the disclaimer allows the casino too much leeway. They can claim a malfunction anytime a game pays a jackpot because the odds are supposed to be in the house’s favor. This makes hitting any jackpot a long shot.

It would not be wise for the casino to use this escape clause on many occasions. Doing so would ultimately lead to the casino being accused of cheating.

The Courts Will Decide This Online Jackpot Win in Michigan

The case of the $3 million dollar Michigan online casino jackpot win will be determined by the courts. It is perhaps unrealistic to assume that another settlement offer will be made to Ms. Davis. What does this type of situation have to say about online gambling in the United States?

It is unfortunate that online casinos in the US are already beginning to get a black eye from the way that they conduct business. One could rightfully expect that US casinos would be expected to uphold a reputation of fairness. This incident could cause other players to be wary of spending their dollars in a United States online casino.

That could cause players to keep using offshore casinos as they have done in the past. You can find a list on our website of the offshore online casinos that we recommend. You can receive a large welcome bonus when you sign up with one of them today. The casinos also have a good reputation for paying out winnings to players.



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