High roller Las Vegas

High Roller Las Vegas

High roller Las VegasOne of the first things that anyone sees when they arrive in Las Vegas is what appears to be a towering Ferris wheel. This gigantic attraction is known as the High Roller, and it is actually an observation wheel. If offers a thrilling view of the Las Vegas Strip. The High Roller is the tallest observation wheel in the world. It stands at an amazing 550-feet tall.

That is tall enough to land the High Roller in the Guinness Book of World Records for the tallest observation wheel. It bests the London Eye and Singapore Flyer, two other large observations wheels. The High Roller has become a popular landmark for those visiting Las Vegas. It is on the list of things to do for most every tourist who comes to Sin City. So do that before playing craps!

The LINQ Promenade and the High Roller

The High Roller is a centerpiece of the LINQ Promenade. The LINQ is one of the famous casino hotels of the Las Vegas Strip. It operates the Promenade, an open-air shopping and dining extravaganza that cost more than $500 million to build. It’s a place with something for the entire family, and that includes the famous High Roller.

While the large attraction resembles and operates similar to a Ferris wheel, there are some important differences. The High Roller is an observation wheel. It has enclosed carriages that are air conditioned. Each pod is able to seat about 40 people in comfort on wooden benches. Even those with a mild fear of heights can enjoy the High Roller thanks to the spacious design of each pod.

The High Roller is a true entertainment experience. The ride lasts around 30 minutes. While on the wheel visitors are given a spectacular view of Las Vegas, the surrounding mountains, and of course the amazing Las Vegas Strip. While the ride is in progress those onboard are also given a video presentation. This immersive experience offers some of the very best music and information about the origins of Las Vegas.

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There are two things you should remember about the High Roller. It has a point in the southwest corner which is to you immediate right when you enter the pod. This point is the best for getting great pictures of the Las Vegas Strip. It is also good to take the ride at night to fully capitalize on all the sights of the beautiful Vegas lights.

How to Find the High Roller and Getting the Best Price

If you are looking for high roller las vegas tickets, there are many ways that you can access the High Roller when you arrive in Vegas. You can get there from the LINQ casino. There are many different entrances from the LINQ, and all of them are clearly marked.

The Las Vegas Monorail is another way to get to the High Roller. It passes right in front of the attraction. There is no age restriction for the High Roller. When you arrive, you will pass through a building that has an interactive show as well as a bar and other elements. The entire ride takes about 30 minutes, so remember to use the bathroom in the building before you board the pod of the High Roller.

The lowest price that we we able to find at the time of writing was $21, but you may be able to get a special deal from your hotel if you ask. The LINQ may reward those who gamble at the casino with free High Roller passes.

Your ticket to the High Roller will only be good for a specific date and time. You must show up at the time and date on your ticket or you will be turned away from this attraction. Find out more here.

Many people who have taken a ride on the High Roller say that they have never felt the same about Vegas again. There is just something special about seeing the lights of Las Vegas from the observation wheel known as the High Roller.