Can You Dispute a Roll in Craps?

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Have you ever wondered if it is possible to dispute a roll in craps? What happens when the dice fly off the table in a live game? How are things handled when the dice are not banked off the end of the craps table? What if you claim that you didn’t click the button to roll the dice in craps online? Can you dispute a roll in craps? It depends.

In most cases there is no appeal for the results of a throw of the dice. You have to accept the random outcome and move onto the next roll. In other cases the casino itself may invalidate a roll. Let’s take a closer look.

The Rules of the Craps Roll

Let’s start by looking at the rules of the craps roll itself. It may seem that there would not be many rules for tossing a set of dice by hand, but there are. These rules apply to the live version of craps.

First, the dice have to remain on the table in the field of play to be considered a valid roll. If the dice manage to leave the table and fall to the floor or land on the wooden edge of the table, the roll is not counted and the dice must be rolled again.

Next, the dice must be banked off the back of the craps table enclosure. There are textured surfaces which line the enclosure. These surfaces are designed to prevent dice setting or other physical attempts to influence the outcome of a roll. If the dice are not thrown hard enough to bounce off the wall, the roll is invalidated.

The rules online are a little bit different because no physical dice are used. You have to simply click a button to roll the dice and computer software does the rest. The result of the dice roll is attributed to a random number generator. You can test our free craps game here.

There will usually be a disclaimer that is posted on the online casino site which states that any malfunction of the software makes the roll null and void. This covers the casino to a broad extent and eliminates liability.

The Casino Can Dispute a Craps Roll

If the rules of a craps roll are not satisfied, the casino can call for the dice to be re-rolled. The original roll is not counted. This dispute is left to the discretion of the casino, and many players feel that the casino abuses the privilege.

For example, when the dice do not hit the back wall of the craps table the outcome of the roll is often seen before the roll dispute is made. If the roll is one that causes the player to lose, the casino does not have to dispute it. If it is a roll that causes the player to win, it will always be disputed when the rules are not met. This can be an unfair advantage for the house.

To be blunt, you have no real recourse to complain when the casino asks for a new roll. They are always in the right because it is their game, and there is generally no appeal when you see that the dice have to be rolled again.

You Can Dispute a Craps Roll

The truth is that you can dispute a craps roll. It is also true that your dispute is unlikely to succeed. In the great number of cases a craps roll is final. This is true in both the live versions and online versions of craps.

On rare exceptions the casino may side with you when you complain about a roll. An example of this would be that you complain when the dice do not hit the back wall. The casino sees that granting your request to re-roll will actually prevent some bets from being paid, so they allow the dispute.

How does a re-roll of the dice in craps prevent some bets from being paid? If a roll is deemed invalid, any place bets that would have won due to the original outcome of the roll are not paid. The new roll will determine which bets succeed.

Why It Is Rare to Dispute a Roll In Craps

In most cases, it is in the casino’s interest to allow rolls in craps to stand. The game is one which already has a built-in house edge. There is no need for the casino to allow re-rolls.

Be prepared to accept the results of a craps roll before you toss the dice. Just remember that you will have the chance to make a new roll in just a few moment. That means you will also have a chance to win your bets. Craps has the best odds of almost every game except blackjack when played properly.

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