Why is Craps Illegal in California?

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There is really only one option for California craps players. In California, craps can be played online at an offshore casino that accepts US players. It is not available at any of the card rooms in California. Live gambling is restricted to poker and unique forms of blackjack. This may lead you to ask, why is craps illegal in California?

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We are going to try and answer that question. We will also explain to you how you can play craps online for real money if you live in California today.

Craps and California Law

The current gambling law in California is somewhat complex. It allows certain types of live gambling, and it also permits gambling on tribal lands. Unfortunately, the law broadly excludes many live gambling games that are typically found in live casinos. Craps is one of those.

Live gambling in California is generally restricted to online card rooms which allow poker games. Players can play Texas Hold ‘Em and other types of poker against one another. They can also play California blackjack, a game that is only found in the state’s card rooms.

Why is craps illegal in California while these card games are allowed? The answer is that craps is a casino game which pits the player against the house. Poker and California blackjack are games in which players compete against one another.

There is no version of live craps that would allow players to wager among themselves, although players have enjoyed private craps games in just this manner for more than a hundred years.

The Way to Play Craps in California

There is way that you can enjoy all the excitement and thrill of craps if you happen to live in California. You can just play at an offshore online casino that accepts US players. There are many of these casinos, and we have recommended and reviewed several of them.

Online gambling is not something specifically allowed by California law, but this relates to the licensing of online casinos in the state. Offshore casinos are licensed in another country, and they fall under that country’s jurisdiction.

In one of these casinos you can find all the casino games that you would find in a live venue. Many of those are games which would not be allowed in California. Craps is one of the games you will find, and there are even advantages to playing the game online.

Advantages of Playing Craps Online in California

Not being able to play live craps in California can be a downer, but at least there are advantages to playing the game online. First among these is convenience. All you need is a computer or mobile device and an Internet connection.

You can play craps online without leaving your home, and you don’t have to spend money on travel or lodging like you would on a trip to Las Vegas. There is no one else to compete with for a spot at the craps table, and you can focus on craps strategy and playing the game to win.

Online craps is a great place to learn the game because you can play it for just $1 per hand at most casinos. Compare that with the $10 minimum bets found in many live casinos and you will understand that online craps is more affordable.

Will Craps Ever Be Legal in California?

This is another question that California residents often ask. There is some encouraging news in this regard. The overall trend in the US right now is to legalize online casinos. Many states have already done so, and more have pending legislation.

The US has left it up to individual states to decide whether or not live and online gambling is lawful. California has acted in the past to allow card rooms and tribal casinos, and the state is considered to be progressive when compared to others. The main obstacle to live craps in California is probably the close proximity of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is considered to be the gambling capital of the world. It attracts hundreds of thousands of people from the US and even other countries. Some of those people are California residents who only need to make a short drive in order to play live craps in the Las Vegas casinos. Why is craps illegal in California? The answer could be lobbying from the casino industry in Nevada.

Don’t wait to enjoy craps games online for real money. Sign up right now with one of the online casinos that we recommend. Some of them even offer large welcome bonuses to all new craps players from California. Also explore, the benefits from legalized gambling.


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