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Online gambling is a very popular activity in the UK. One thing to consider when choosing your preferred online casino is UK casino deposit methods. These can vary from one casino to another. Having more banking options is always helpful when playing gambling games online in the UK for real money.

UK online casinos offer a variety of deposit options. Here is a closer look at the deposit methods that you may encounter. You may find that some options are not available to players in specific areas. Before you sign up with an online casino to play Craps online or other games, check to see which methods are permitted for you.

AstroPay Card

AstroPay is a UK company which primarily serves Latin America. It is a good option for those with limited deposit methods. The company has a very good reputation and has even been recognized by Forbes as a top Fintech company.

AstroPay has recently expanded its operations to the UK and other areas throughout the world. It aims to become a solution for players all over the globe.

Bank Transfer

This UK Casino deposit method allows you to make a transfer directly from your bank to the online casino. Transfers are handled securely, and the minimums are usually small. A bank transfer may take a few days to complete. These are also known as credit or wire transfers.

In the early days of Internet casinos, bank transfers were the common deposit method. They have been replaced today by e-wallets and other methods which are faster.

Boku Pay by Mobile

Boku Pay is an amazing payment platform that harnesses the power of mobile devices to allow players to make casino deposits by phone. Transactions are handled securely and the process is lightning fast. It is also convenient when you consider than the vast majority of players today are using their mobile device to play at online UK casinos.

Boku is aligned with Payforit and subscribes to this company’s terms and conditions. At first there were only a few online casinos offering this option, but the numbers have grown in recent years. Deposits can even be made which use the player’s mobile phone credit and billing.

Credit or Debit Cards

Many credit and bank debit cards are accepted for deposits in UK online casinos. These can include Visa and MasterCard branded bank cards. These are always popular options among players because they have low deposit minimums and credit the player’s account instantly.

One drawback of using UK casino deposit methods that involve credit or debit cards are the restrictions imposed by some banks. Some banks do not allow the cards to be used for the purposes of online gambling.


EcoCard, also known as EcoPayz, serves both businesses and customers around the world with payment services. The EcoCard is actually a digital wallet which was established in 2000, making it a UK casino deposit method with over a decade of service and experience.

EcoCard is available in an actual card which can be used for a variety of applications. It is also equipped with a PIN that provides additional security.


Entropay is a type of prepaid card that was introduced in the UK in 2003. It was the first prepaid card of its type to be made available in Europe. Entropay strives to create a payment solution that is easy to use and transparent. It also helps for those who cannot use a standard debit or credit card due to the regulations of their bank.

The company primarily offers branded virtual VISA cards which can be used in many different ways. Having the support of the VISA brand is a good boost for this company’s reputation.


Euteller is a Finnish company that was founded in 2007. Since that time is has become a very popular option for online casino players in Finland. It is now also made available for use by the UK online casino player.

Payments made by Euteller are processed by linking the player’s bank account. This allows for instant deposits to be made to the UK online casino. Players can also take confidence in knowing that their payments are secure and encrypted. Online casinos also value payment methods that are linked to banks as this provides more protection for all parties concerned.


Flexepin is a type of prepaid voucher which previously had been available to residents of Canada and Australia. It is now moving toward UK casino integration. The payment voucher method is prized by many casino players who may not have the option of funding their UK online casino accounts with a bank account or credit card.

There is also a measure of anonymity that can be achieved with the Flexepin UK casino deposit method. Players do not have to disclose banking information to make deposits with Flexepin.


Since February of 2006, Germany and Austria have been able to use GiroPay for their online casino deposits. This company is one of those that facilitates deposits which are made from a player’s bank account. As such, no debit or credit card is necessary.

Some UK online casinos may be soon accepting the GiroPay method of payments. The minimums for using this deposit method are low, and the deposits are generally credited instantly to the player’s account for immediate wagering.


The Netherlands established this payment solution which is based on online banking. The company was created in 2005 as a result of a collaboration between the eight major banking institutions in the Netherlands. Since that time iDeal has been adopted by many online casinos as a hassle-free deposit method.

The great thing about iDeal is that players can use their own bank accounts to securely make deposits to the online casino of their choice. There is no need to use a credit or debit card for funding. Almost all online casinos that welcome Dutch players are now offering deposits with iDeal.


InstaDebit has recently rebranded itself as iDebit. This payment processor is one of the new UK casino deposit methods that offers an alternative to credit and debit card use. Players can use their bank account to fund iDebit and make casino deposits with no difficulty.

iDebit is an efficient and affordable way to make online casino deposits. The platform allows deposits to be credited instantly to the player’s account. It also permits lower minimum deposits for players who are not comfortable with large amounts.

Internet Banking

There are a large number of people today who rely on Internet banking for the majority of their financial transactions. Many people can use their bank account to make deposits directly to UK online casinos. This can often be done from mobile phones as well as computers and laptops.

Of course, individuals should always take measures to protect their online banking data at all times. Be sure that the online casino you choose has an encrypted and secure platform before you initiate any transfers from your bank. The downside to this method is that sometimes bank transfers can take extra time to post.

Maestro/Switch Card

Maestro debit cards are very popular throughout the UK and many other parts of the world. It is estimated that more than 600 billion individuals carry these cards which are branded with the MasterCard logo and issued by various banks.

Previously the residents of the UK used the Switch debit card. Switch merged with Maestro in 2002. These debit cards are usually accepted for online gambling at UK online casinos, with certain limitations in some cases. It depends upon the actual bank that issues the card.


Mastercard is one of the oldest credit card providers in the world. It also issues branded debit cards for various banks. An advantage of using MasterCard is that the brand is respected and accepted in most parts of the world.

There are typically very low minimums when you choose to make a deposit with MasterCard. You will also see the deposit instantly credited to your account. Just be advised that some banks which issue MasterCard do not allow the cards to be used for online gambling.


Neosurf functions as a prepaid payment solution. It is headquartered in France but has been used for deposits by some UK casinos. Neosurf is now available in more than 50 countries worldwide. Many UK casino players like prepaid methods of deposit because they are more able to control their casino spending.

More than 20,000 online casino platforms are currently using Neosurf. It has proven itself to be extremely reliable when it comes to online casino banking.


Neteller began in 1999 in Canada, and is now headquartered in the Isle of Man. It is one of the oldest payment processors to be used for online casino deposits. The company states that millions of players in more than 200 countries have used the Neteller service.

26 currencies are currently supported by the Neteller platform. This gives the service a universal appeal that is highly regarded by online casinos in almost every part of the world.


NETS is a Singapore-based company that has been offering payment solutions longer than online casinos have been available. It started in 1985 and later made the move to online payments. Many credit the company with creating financial health in Singapore.

Making cashless payments is the hallmark of NETS. Many UK online casino players like the idea of using a cashless system for deposits. Others also claim that the platform is more secure than some others.


One of the largest financial services companies in Northern Europe is Nordea. There are 10 million customers of the service which is very popular among players at some UK online casinos.

Netbank is the Internet banking solution for Nordea. This service lets players establish a bank account which can then be funded and used for online gambling transactions with no difficulty. Players have easy access to their money, and Nordea also supports withdrawals.

Pay by Phone

Pay by Phone is a service that is currently being offered by a very small number of online casinos in the UK. Those who use the service remark that it is attractive because of its simplicity and convenience. A mobile phone is all that is need to make electronic payments with the platform.

The use of mobile phones for online gambling and Internet browsing has been growing in recent years. It only makes sense that players in the UK would want to use this method for making deposits to their online casino account.


Payforit is one of the new services that allows residents of the UK to use their mobile phone to make various payments. The costs for these payments is simply added each month the player’s mobile phone bill.

This is a good solution for those who are not comfortable using debit or credit cards or a bank account to make online casino transactions. Everything is handled in one place, and the player simply uses the mobile phone account that they already have.


PayPal is one of the oldest e-wallets. It was originally created in an effort to assure smooth transactions on eBay. It is now used in many online casinos to allow players to make deposits. One of the great things about PayPal is that the user enjoys certain protections. It is also true that users can be subjected to harsh verification requirements and observation to prevent money laundering.

Using PayPal is an affordable way to make deposits and withdrawals with some UK online casinos. The money that you deposit to the casino will arrive in your account within minutes. You can also use the PayPal e-wallet at various merchants, and there is even a debit card available for business customers.

Prepaid Card

Prepaid cards have become an attractive option for casino gamblers in the UK in recent years. They can be loaded like a regular prepaid debit card, and most of them can also be used to make withdrawals from the online casino.

Some players like the limited anonymity of these cards. While it is linked to the player’s name, it can be loaded with cash and there is no need for the player to use or link a bank account.


Skrill is essentially the European version of PayPal. It is an e-wallet platform which also offers players a branded debit card to use for merchant transactions. Skrill transactions are secure and players can load their account with a bank transfer or debit card.

Players in UK casinos should be advised that Skrill can be diligent in monitoring how individuals use the service. Verification will be required when setting up an account.


Trustly has been changing the game where online casino deposits are concerned. It is now used throughout many parts of the world including the UK and even the US. Trustly allows casino players to make deposits from their bank in a matter of minutes with no waiting time. It is


There are few debit or credit cards in the world that are more trusted than VISA. VISA  has been in business since 1958. It is known as VISA Europe in the UK and is an accepted method of deposit at many online UK casinos.

VISA is typically issued by individual banks and may be in the form of either a credit card or a debit card. It can be up to the individual bank whether or not to allow the card to be used for online casino gambling. Some players do not like the paper trail that is created when using a credit or debit card for online gambling.


This company is also known as WebMoney Transfer and was founded in 1998, making it one of the oldest UK casino deposit methods. The company says that 32 million people from all over the world have used its convenient and secure payment services.

WebMoney allows players to easily track their transfers, and it includes features that are useful for money management. The platform also has a reputation for being a very secure platform when it comes to money transfers.

Wire Transfer

Wire Transfers are among the oldest of UK casino deposit methods. They are still a reliable way to move money from the player’s bank account to the online casino. However, bank transfers can take time to complete. They can also involve high minimums and even fees.

On the plus side, using a wire transfer to deposit money at a UK casino is probably one of the safest ways to transfer money. Your transfer is almost always backed by the bank.


Zimpler is a company that originated in Sweden and uses mobile phone technology to assist players with making deposits to online casinos. This is convenient for many players who now use their mobile devices to access casino platforms.

Zimpler was created in 2013 and stresses simplicity across its platform. It can be set up and used for online casino deposits in a matter of minutes. Many casinos are realizing the advantages of mobile phone payment platforms.

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