First time playing craps in Las Vegas

First time playing craps in Las Vegas

I learned about the game of Craps on my very first visit to Las Vegas. Well, I thought I learned how to play, but what I really learned was the excitement involved in it.

Craps is a game that is better played at night, when there are a bunch of people playing at one table. I had been watching this guy roll the dice over and over again. People yelling and giving high fives, this was extremely exciting. I stepped closer to get a better view. Before I knew it, I had money on the craps table and don’t  even remember coming into the game. I started putting money down after the guy in front of me. He had a ton of money so I thought what the hell; he seems to be doing something right.

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It was my time to roll; I throw the dice and hit eight. The guy next to me told me to do it again; he moved his money to hard way eight. I rolled the dice again, but mind you – I had no idea what I was doing. There were so many people standing around, it was hard to even see what was going on. I rolled the dice hard eight and everyone started to yell. At first I thought I did something wrong. The dealer pushed the dice to me again, so I picked up the dice and threw again. Hard eight! Everyone was giving high fives and shouting. It was a huge rush. I get excited all over again just telling the story!

The old guy standing next to me told me, “If you keep doing that, I will give you a $25 dollar chip for every roll you win me money.” I pick up the dice again. SIX! I thought to myself “ well, I just below that one. But the dealer pushed the dice back to me. The old guy said what are you going to hit, I said ah six! He moved his money to six. I rolled and the dealer said SIX! Okay – so you if have ever played Craps, I am sure you know the excitement of the table when everyone is winning, it was just like that. And, if you have not played “ you need to check it out. It is an incredible feeling.

I keep rolling the dice and rolling the dice and hitting the numbers. I looked down and I had well over a hundred dollars in chips next to me. I thought I should do this for a living!

On my next roll, an older lady stood to my right, dressed in a white floor length evening gown with pearls around her neck. Keep in mind, now – I was at the Bellagio and I am in shorts and a t-shirt. Before long, I had this lady jumping up and giving me high fives like she was 21 years old. It was awesome!

Well, I finally crapped out, but I had a good run. I walked up to the Craps table with $40 and walked away with $300. How can this be my greatest craps story you might wonder. Well, casino craps is a game of chance; you win some, you lose some. My point to the story is I walked up to the table not knowing anything more than you roll dice. And, I still had the most fun standing there watching these people, strangers even, laugh and cheer together until they were hoarse. No matter if they lost or not, they still stayed to play. It is a high energy game (not always a winning game). The best time I have ever had in Vegas was that night at the Craps table.