Longest Craps Roll in History

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Patricia Demauro "Craps Grandma" Every craps player dreams of that hot roll. Most of us will be lucky to have a few hot rolls during our craps career that include 20 or more rolls of the dice. Some of us may be very lucky and get 50 winning rolls in a row. Imagine the excitement of the craps grandma who broke a record for the longest craps roll! Patricia Demauro broke a 20-year record when she made 154 winning craps rolls.

Here’s the fascinating story of the craps grandma that produced the ultimate hot roll in craps. With a little luck, maybe you can be the craps player that breaks Patricia’s record. You’ll need a lot of luck and some great craps betting intuition.

A Legendary Craps Roll by Patricia Demauro

In 1989 Stanley Fujitake accomplished an amazing feat with a craps roll that lasted a little over three hours. Fujitake rolled the dice 118 times, setting a record that many professional and recreational gamblers thought might last forever. It did last. For 20 years the record help up until grandmother Patricia Demauro strolled into the Borgata casino in Atlantic City in 2009.

Demauro could have had no idea that her trip to the craps table was going to end with a craps roll that beat all existing records. By the time all was said and done, this craps shooting granny had rolled 154 times. It took her 4 hours and 18 minutes to achieve the record-setting performance.

The story behind the amazing roll has become something of a gambling legend, but it is no myth. Patricia will always have documentation of her achievement in various gambling publications. It’s a distinction that she should be proud of. Once again, there are those who say Demauro’s record will never be broken.

An Average Trip to the Casino for Craps Becomes Legendary

When Patricia Demauro headed out for a day of gambling at the Borgata casino, she only took $100 with her. The grandmother was also accompanied by a friend who likes to gamble. Together they would make occasional trips to the casino, but neither of them would be considered high rollers by the current standards.

Demauro doesn’t appear to be a craps player in general. There is no explanation for why she chose to roll the dice on her visit to the Borgata. All that is known is that Craps Grandma began to attract attention as she continued to roll the dice. First, it was the other players who were also making money off the roll. Then, the watchful eyes of the casino personnel and security began to take an interest.

There was nothing to see. Patricia played the game of craps fairly, and she was even given a champagne celebration when her record-breaking craps roll was over. There was nothing the casino could do except lick its own wounds.

The Strategy of the Longest Craps Roll

Many people have wondered, did Patricia Demauro have a craps strategy when she decided to shoot craps at the Borgata? Patricia has been very reluctant to speak on the issue. If you examine her rolls, however, you will find that she made a total of 25 passes during her streak of 154 rolls. A pass is when the original line bet made by the shooter succeeds. There is also a Don’t Pass line bet which indicates a wager that the shooter will crap out. It does not seem that Patricia was making any Don’t Pass wagers.

In craps, the dice are passed from player to player in turn whenever a player craps out or fails to pass. Many craps players believe that the only successful strategy for the long-term in craps is to bet against the shooter. On this day, those bettors would have been wrong.

Was it Beginner’s Luck?

Another question that people ask about the longest craps roll in history is whether or not it was a product of beginner’s luck. We will not try to dispute the presence of luck in this story. No player can roll craps for 154 straight times without receiving a little bit of assistance from the gambling gods. But we would caution against someone expecting this type of luck to happen again.

The odds against such a feat at craps are 1 in 1.56 trillion. It is very unlikely that the world will ever see this type of craps roll again. The phenomenon of beginner’s luck does seem to have some credibility when explaining the success of someone who has never been in an online or live casino before. It usually doesn’t hold up. The truth is that some players just catch the lucky side of variance when they play.

How Much Money Did Craps Granny Win?

No one knows for sure how much money the craps grandmother won during her legendary session. It is her right to keep that amount private. The casino is also not talking. No one would expect them to, given the amount of money that must have been lost.

Based on Patricia’s starting stake of $100 we can attempt to make an estimate of her winnings. Let’s say that the minimum bet was $10 and she was only making line bets. She had a total of 25 passes. A Pass line bet pays even money, unless she was taking odds behind the line. So, 25 passes would have yielded her just $250 when betting a single $10 line bet.

We have to believe that Patricia was making other bets, especially once she began winning. Some have said that she won somewhere in the neighborhood of $180,000. Making field bets and proposition bets could have caused her profits to skyrocket. There is little question that other players at the table also made a great deal of money while Patricia was shooting the dice.

Life After the Record-Breaking Craps Roll

At Borgata there is something known as the Platinum Arm Club. Membership in this club is reserved exclusively for those who have rolled the dice for 90 minutes or more. Patricia was able to shatter the existing record, and she will forever be remembered for her accomplishment.

It is said that Patricia returned home after sharing a celebratory dinner with her gambling friend. She is also said to have taken her grandchildren to Disney World. What is amazing is that there is nothing to indicate that Patricia Demauro ever played craps again.

Would you have the ability to walk away from the game after such a large win? You can try to break Patricia’s record right now when you sign up for an account with one of our recommended online casinos. You will get a nice welcome bonus when you make you first deposit, and you can play all of the popular casino games online for real money.


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