Play craps to WIN money

Smart crapshooters learn all there is to know about the game including the odds of each kind of craps bet paying off and when a winning streak is fizzling.

Money Strategies

Experienced crapshooters rely on a suite of different betting alternatives during the course of a crap game. There are some bets that must be made before a Shooter’s come out roll, or his first roll. There are others that can be made at any time during play, especially the one roll bets. One roll bets are characteristically off limits to gamblers playing for money, as the odds are terrible for players.

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Players who win more money than they lose at craps maintain that not only craps betting strategies are of advantage to them, but keeping track of their money during the game is important, too. Because craps games are notoriously vigorous in pace and noisy with excitement, it can be all too easy to lose track of one’s bets and what level of odds one is currently playing.

In order to mentally keep track of their money, some players advise only betting in a certain dollar increment, such as $5.00. Betting this way means it is easier for players to keep track of just where they are in their bets.

Buy Odds

Most craps tables set an odds limit that is a multiple of a player’s minimum bet, such as five times or ten times the minimum bet. Experts believe that players who strategize bets using the buy odds advantage might not only cut the house’s advantage, but their winnings will be bigger.

Winning Streaks

When a shooter is hot, experienced craps players will bet with the shooter, called the “right” bet. Some shooters can maintain a lengthy winning streak. Players who are wise enough to take advantage of betting with the streak, while being careful to judge when the streak is running out, can often parlay their initial bets into sizeable winnings.

Throwing the Dice for Bigger Money

The craps world is divided between those who believe there is an advantage to training oneself to set, grip and throw dice tuned to carefully accepted techniques, and those who claim the roll of the dice is purely based on random chance, and that winning streaks are pure luck. For these players the only way to make money at craps is to have a good system of betting and carefully follow the line of play. Please take a minute to check out some safe reviewed casino such as Sun Palace, Casino Max, or Slots Plus to play craps for real money. Here you will learn how to play craps, find the best craps strategy and also how to win at craps.