John Nelsen


Y ou will find many articles on our website written by John Nelsen or Steven Walters in partnership with our team of craps pros. John spent many hours working with our team of craps experts to bring you the most comprehensive set of articles and teaching lessons that provide you everything you need to know to play craps like a pro.

John is a retired engineer who worked with probability and statistics.  Numbers fascinate him, and that’s why he loves craps.  He knows the math behind the game, and numbers don’t lie.  As a result, he teaches you the truth and facts of the game.  He knows how to optimize the betting patterns to give you the greatest opportunity to win.  Bill has been our colleague and friend for years.

When we asked him to help make the best craps-learning site on the Internet, he didn’t hesitate to say yes.  Let us guide and teach you how to be a smart, solid player who the casino will fear instead of doing what many other sites do, which is to fill their sites with casino banners and serve weak content.

Thanks again for visiting!