Golden Touch Craps a scam? Review & Opinion of


Friends and relatives routinely ask, “Can a person consistently beat the casino playing craps? I browsed the Golden Touch Craps website and those people say it can be done. What do you think of their claims?”

As with any subject, if a few people have the same question, then there’s a good chance lots of people have it. Since this topic is important for every potential new craps player in the world, the Crapspit decided to address it. The intended audience for this article includes the new player who’s thinking about trying the game for the first time, and the inexperienced player who’s played a few sessions but hasn’t yet developed bad habits. Although experienced players can certainly learn from this article, they’ve typically formed their own opinions and bad habits, which in the world of craps are sometimes difficult to change, so they’re less likely to be influenced one way or the other.

The intent is not to bash or ridicule Golden Touch Craps, but to objectively and candidly provide the Crapspit’s opinions of the claims made by the Golden Touch Craps staff. Unlike Golden Touch Craps, the Crapspit does not offer for sale any merchandise or craps lessons, and there are no paid memberships. Instead, the Crapspit is all about free information on the game of craps. Because the Crapspit doesn’t sell anything, we’re able to be objective in our opinions, which allows us to provide you with our honest assessment of the claims made by the Golden Touch Craps staff. In other words, the Crapspit doesn’t give you a sales pitch to try to hook you into buying something; instead, we give you free information that you can use to decide what’s best for you.

The fundamental premise of the Golden Touch Craps website is to sell craps-related products and services. The Crapspit sees nothing wrong with this entrepreneurial endeavor. However, the approach that Golden Touch takes to market their products and services is what the Crapspit believes is questionable. This article focuses on their approach and gives you a differing opinion together with reasons so you can consider both sides of the issue and form your own opinion based on what’s best for you. Whatever you decide, the Crapspit wishes you fun and luck at the tables!

The strategy behind Golden Touch Craps’ marketing plan is based on getting you to believe that certain gifted people can learn and become skilled in throwing a pair of craps dice to consistently influence their outcome, resulting in gaining a slight edge over the casino, which means those skilled dice throwers can consistently beat the casino. They call this skill “dice control” (sometimes called “dice setting”). Golden Touch is very good with their marketing…extremely good. Their writers are highly skilled in the art of influence. Be careful because it’s easy to get sucked into what they’re selling.

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Because they’re such good salesmen, let’s be clear and blunt right from the start so there’s no confusion. The Crapspit’s opinion and belief is that dice control is a scam designed to get you so hopped up on hope and desire to win piles of money that you react without thinking and buy their products and services. (Please refer to our other article on dice control for details on why we believe it’s a scam… & more on craps dice here) The Crapspit isn’t the only organization that believes it’s a scam. Casinos don’t believe in dice control either. What more proof do you need? If you still think there’s a chance that you (or anyone) can learn craps dice control to consistently gain an advantage over the casino, then there’s no hope for you because you’re either too drunk on the idea of getting rich the easy way, or you’re too stupid to get it. If, after you finish reading this article, you’re still so high on the hope of beating the casino, then go ahead and spend your hard-earned money on their dice-control products and services. When you’re ready to put your new “skill” into play, let us know and we’ll be happy to make a friendly wager (no money, just for fun) that your results over time will be no better than any other random shooter. The Crapspit predicts that you’ll win some, lose some, break even some, and in the end over time you’ll be the same net loser as any other random shooter. When that time comes, when you sit back and ponder all the money you wasted chasing the crazy dream of dice control, you’ll likely kick yourself and wonder, “This is bull-hockey, why didn’t I listen to the Crapspit?”

The casino has a right to deny service to anyone for any reason. If you’re rude and abusive to the table crew, the casino can deny you service at the tables. If your obscene language is offensive to other players, the casino can deny you service. If you’re too loud, or too obnoxious, or too lucky, the casino can deny you service. For example, although card counting in Blackjack is entirely legal, if the casino merely suspects that you’re counting cards, they can deny you service at the table (i.e., they won’t deal you another hand). The casino doesn’t even need proof that you’re counting. If the casino doesn’t want you to play for whatever reason, then you don’t play.

Therefore, the first question you should ask yourself is, “If the casino can deny service to anyone for any reason, do I honestly think they’d allow someone to play who’s truly skilled at throwing dice?” Put your hopes and dreams of winning lots of money aside for a moment and think about this rationally. If you owned a casino and were in business to make money, would you allow someone to play knowing they have an advantage over you and knowing that they’re going to win? Of course not! The next question you should ask yourself is, “Do I know of any casino anywhere in the world that does not allow anyone to play craps because they’re too skilled at rolling the dice?” The Crapspit doesn’t! Do you? Craps players are sometimes refused service for various reasons as mentioned above, but the Crapspit doesn’t know of a single player in the history of the game who has been banned by any casino in the world for being too skilled at dice control. Apparently, the “dice doctors,” “dice captains,” and “dice wizards” aren’t banned from playing because we continue to see on the Internet their amazing stories of world-record-breaking rolls attributed to their dice-control skills.

So, if the casino continues to allow these so-called dice doctors to play, isn’t it reasonable to assume that the casino doesn’t believe in the notion of dice control? Think again about this question…if the casino believed dice control were legitimate, would they allow skilled dice shooters to play? The Crapspit hopes you have the presence of mind to answer, “Of course not!” That is, the Crapspit hopes you don’t allow your hopes and dreams of getting rich by playing craps online cloud your judgment.

Golden Touch’s material on dice control appears to focus on all aspects of throwing dice up to the point when the dice hit the table (e.g., mental readiness, stance, grip, throwing motion, etc.). Little is discussed about the randomness of the dice movements as they tumble and bounce along the tabletop. And there’s much less discussion about the dice’s random deflection off the back wall that has all those little triangular rubber “pyramids.” (Refer to our article on dice control for details and illustrations of the back-wall pyramids.) The bulk of their material advertises a skill you can learn to affect how the dice travel through the air, with little mention of how the dice’s random deflection off the little rubber pyramids negates whatever control you might have had while the dice were in the air. (NOTE: While our discussion focuses on the dice’s deflection off the back wall, there are other factors that help ensure a random outcome of a dice roll. These factors include the bounce characteristics of the tabletop (which are affected by the type of felt and wood, temperature, humidity, etc.), and the dice’s deflection off of obstacles on the tabletop (which include player’s chips, the side walls, and the casino’s big chip stack in front of the boxman). The shooter can’t consistently control any of these factors. For example, after the dice hit the table and tumble along the tabletop, the dice routinely hit player’s chips at the other end of the table (e.g., their Place bets, Pass Line bets, Odds bets, Come bets, Field bets). Do you honestly think the shooter can consistently control the precise speeds and angles that the tumbling dice hit and deflect off those chips?)

Have you ever observed the inside end walls of a craps table? They’re not just flat wood. They’re lined with “pyramid rubber.” Why do you think the inside end walls are lined with all those pointy little triangles made of high-bounce rubber? Duh! It’s because all those pointy triangles guarantee the casino a random bounce. When casinos went to the table manufacturers and said, “Design something that guarantees a random bounce,” don’t you think the manufacturers developed a fool-proof design that they tested over and over to prove the randomness of the bounce? Of course they did. The manufacturer’s tested various shapes, sizes, material content, bounce characteristics, and other chemical and physical properties to result in the pyramid rubber that’s used on every regulation craps table in the world.

Along with the invention of “pyramid rubber,” the casino reinforced their dice-throwing rules to include the requirement that the dice must hit the back wall (which is lined with all that pyramid rubber) for the roll to be considered “legal” or “acceptable.” Why do you think the casino’s dice-throwing rules require the dice to hit the back wall? Duh! Yes, of course! It’s to guarantee a random bounce, which guarantees a random outcome. The casino believes no amount of so-called dice-throwing skill can overcome the randomness guaranteed by the pyramid rubber. Why would anyone in their right mind believe otherwise? Could the idea of dice control be nothing more than a scam designed to excite you and influence you into buying something? Could it be a clever scheme to relocate the money in your pocket to someone else’s pocket?

Using Golden Touch Craps as an example, let’s look at what’s at stake for those in the dice-control business. At the time this article was written, the following are just a few of the products and services for sale at Golden Touch Craps.

  • Genuine casino craps dice, only $9 for a pair.
  • Genuine casino craps dice, only $9 for a pair.
  • Books about craps, only $16.95 and up.
  • Audio CD on how to control your mind as you control the dice, only $19.95.
  • Software for tracking your practice rolls, only $129.95.
  • Dice control training video, on sale for 50% off for only $149.50 (regularly only $299).
  • Practice “rigs” for practicing your throwing technique, only $360 up to $698.
  • Craps classes, such as the Primer Package (includes a two-day class on the Golden Touch philosophy and the physics of dice control), only $1,495. (Wow, only $1,495? Woohoo, where’s my checkbook?).
  • Real craps table to practice your newfound skill, only $3,995 plus shipping (this is exactly what you need in your home or office!).
  • And more (e.g., apparel, chips, etc.).
  • Golden Touch even has a private “Craps Club” for paying members only. They claim to have 5,000 members. The cost is only $9 per month, or less per month if you sign up for extended periods. For the recurring fee, you get access to various message boards about craps, casino news, other games, casino reviews, books, movies, television, Golden Touch Craps wisdom, humor, discounts, and more.

As you can see, potentially huge amounts of money depend entirely on their ability to excite or intrigue you enough into buying these products and services. Their marketing strategy is to cleverly get you to think one of two things:

  • “Wow, this sounds amazing, I’m going to win tons of money and get rich!” or
  • Hmmm, this is an interesting possibility, so I’ll buy the video and see what it’s all about.”

Either way, the sales strategy did its job–it hooked into buying something you don’t need. The Crapspit believes there’s nothing about the game of craps you have to pay for to learn. Everything you need to know about craps can be found for free on the Internet, starting right here at the Crapspit. If you have a question about the game and can’t find a free answer on the Internet, then all you have to do is go into a forum and ask your question where you’ll get all kinds of free help. Nowadays, with so much free information on the Internet, you don’t even need to buy books on how to play. Why would you spend your hard-earned money on a craps book that’s typically nothing more than the same information reiterated over time from book to book? Instead, start right here at the Crapspit by reading our articles and lessons for free!

Now let’s talk about Golden Touch’s claim to use only certified instructors and coaches for their craps classes.

What’s amazing about this claim is that Golden Touch actually states the case for us to not believe a word they say about their certified teachers. At the time of this writing, the Golden Touch Craps website states:

“There is no way to tell whose claims are legitimate and whose claims are bogus unless you have the time, money and patience to go to each and every ‘expert’ proclaiming his or her greatness in this area of casino play. There are no ‘board certified’ dice controllers…yet. Everyone is self-certified; that is to say, you have to take them at their word.”

Well, duh! They’re talking about themselves as evidenced by their statement on their website (at the time this of this writing):

“The Golden Touch Craps board of directors wanted GTC to have the highest standards of excellence in the budding field of dice control. To do this, we set up tough criteria for our instructors and coaches to meet. They had to be skilled shooters and good teachers.”

Hello, McFly! Anybody home? Think, McFly. (For those who don’t get the McFly reference, Google it.) As Golden Touch states, you have to take them at their word that their self-certified instructors actually have any skill at all. Think, McFly! That’s like the proverbial fox guarding the henhouse. As Golden Touch states, there’s no completely independent dice-control certification board to validate Golden Touch’s certification process. Therefore, the question you should ask yourself is, “With Golden Touch Craps in the business of selling dice-control-related products and services, do I believe Golden Touch’s certification process is legitimate, and do I believe that any of their self-certified instructors actually have any consistent dice-control skill at all?” Think, McFly!

Golden Touch Craps’ latest betting system called “Cutthroat Craps”

There’s one last point we’d like to address in this article, which is Golden Touch Craps’ latest betting system called “Cutthroat Craps” that takes advantage of so-called “rhythmic rollers,” or as they call them nowadays “golden shooters.” The basic premise of this system is to bet only on shooters who appear to have dice-control skill, or if you don’t have time or patience to wait for a “golden shooter” at least reduce the dollar amount of your bets when “random shooters” are rolling. Golden Touch defines a “random shooter” as one who bets haphazardly and simply picks up the dice and flings them across the table. On the contrary, a “rhythmic roller” (supposedly with dice-control skill) is one who recites lots of craps lingo while making lots of high-dollar bets (sounding and looking like James Bond), and then takes forever to grasp the dice with the perfect grip, and then contorts their arm and body with their throwing motion so the dice fly through the air without separating or changing orientation such that they land “softly” on the tabletop close to the back wall so their bounce is minimized and they come to rest with minimal movement. The theory is, by betting only on the “rhythmic roller,” you perceive yourself to have a better chance that you’ll come out a winner.

The Crapspit believes this system has merit, but not because it involves trying to take advantage of a shooter that you perceive is skilled at dice control. The Crapspit accepts it because it reduces your skin in the game by either not betting on certain rollers or by reducing the dollar amount of your bets on certain rollers. With less skin in the game, your buy-in will likely last longer, which means you can stay at the table longer and hope to hit a sizzling hot roll regardless of who rolls the dice.

The problem that the Crapspit sees with Golden Touch’s Cutthroat Craps system is that warm and hot rolls can occur at any time for any roller, including the random shooter. And cool and cold rolls can occur at any time for any roller, including the golden shooter. The Crapspit believes trying to choose which roller to bet on is a futile waste of time and energy. How many times have you seen a so-called random shooter fling the dice time after time hitting number after number? And how many times have you seen the irritating so-called golden shooter take forever aligning the dice in a perfect orientation and then take another eternity carefully placing his fingertips in the perfect position with the perfect amount of grip pressure, and then toss the dice gently to the other end of the table only to see them land on a losing 7-out? Both situations occur randomly and in equal amounts over time.

So, if you decide not to bet when an obvious beginner takes control of the dice, you may lose out on some quick winning Place bets when she rolls 10 numbers before hitting her point. On the contrary, if you think you found the holy grail of golden shooters and Place bet $64 across including the point (i.e., $10 on the 4, 5, 9, and 10, and $12 on the 6 and 8), you may lose it all on one roll when the so-called “dice doctor” immediately rolls a losing 7-out. This is why the Crapspit’s preferred system is as described in another article (refer to our other article for details).

The bottom line is that the Crapspit believes the notion of dice control is a clever scam to prey on your hopes and dreams of getting rich. The scam succeeds when the conflict between your emotions and reason ends with your emotions winning, which causes you to buy their products and services. It’s up to you to do your homework, read both sides of the issue, and make up your own mind. (Don’t forget to read our other article on dice control with more details about this issue.) If you decide to get on the dice-control bandwagon and try it, but then fail to bring home wheelbarrows full of money, you can’t say the Crapspit didn’t warn you!

Please feel free to share your views, opinions, and experiences regarding the idea of dice control by posting them here at the Crapspit. The Crapspit encourages and welcomes differing opinions so our readers can get all sides of the debate, but please keep your posts polite. check out some best rated rtg casino such as Sun Palace, Casino Max, or Slots Plus to play craps for money. We also have a bonus guide and some Craps FAQ. If you want to read more about dice, read does the casino use loaded Craps dice?


Good luck and have fun at the tables!

The views and opinions expressed in this article are exactly that (i.e., views and opinions). These views and opinions are provided for informational purposes only. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent fact and do not necessarily represent those of any/all contributors to this website. The Crapspit makes no representations as to the accuracy or validity of any information in this article. Feel free to challenge or disagree with the Crapspit in the comments section (i.e., the Crapspit encourages and welcomes differing opinions so all our readers can get all sides of the debate), but the Crapspit maintains the right to remove whatever comment for whatever reason (e.g., profanity, rudeness, abusiveness), so please be polite.