Loaded Craps Dice

Does the Casino Use Loaded Craps Dice

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One of the questions we are often asked is, “Do casinos use loaded craps dice?” No, they do not. The answer deserves a more complex discussion. When you learn a few things about dice and the roll they play in the game of craps, you will probably have more confidence in the fairness of the game.

A Little About Dice and Craps

Craps is one of the games in the casino that can be counted on to produce purely random results each time. That’s why it is one of the only games in which the casino allows you to touch the items used in the game. You cannot touch the cards in standard blackjack, nor can you spin the wheel in roulette.

What does this tell you? It tells you that the casino is 100% confident that you cannot impact the outcome when you roll the dice. Understand that before you buy in to the idea that the dice can somehow be controlled. They cannot. If so, the casino would never allow you to touch them.

Dice are designed in such a way that the number 7 is automatically guaranteed to appear more than any other number. Why? Because there are more ways to make a 7 than any other number. 1-6, 2-5, 3-4, 4-3, 5-2, and 6-1 are all rolls to make a 7. Compare that with 5 ways to make a 6 or an 8, the next most common numbers. It goes down from there until you have just two ways to make an 11, 6-5 and 5-6.

Why is this important? Because it means that there is no valid reason for the casino to use loaded craps dice. They are going to win in the long run anyway. They have to do nothing except allow the dice to be rolled. No cheating is necessary.

Engineering Craps Dice for Fairness

What can be said for craps dice is that they do require some engineering to preserve the integrity of a random dice roll. Before the craps dice are ever used at your local casino’s craps table, a string of tests are conducted.

Dice need to be weighed and balanced before they are guaranteed to produce random results. Yes, it is possible for poorly made dice to be biased in their delivery of results. If they are not made properly a certain side of the die may appear more often.

Gaming commissions are tasked with overseeing the proper construction of gambling dice. They are also given the test results which are conducted in labs and even on the casino property. No measure is spared to make sure that casinos are not using loaded dice. Do not believe the dice setting scam courses being sold in Vegas and elsewhere.

Players That Try to Use Loaded Dice in a Casino

The casino is not the only party which might benefit from the use of loaded dice. Players could also have an advantage if they were able to get a set of loaded dice into play at the craps table. This is virtually impossible.

When a new sleeve of dice are introduced at the craps table, the dealer gives them a visual inspection. Casinos use dice that are marked with their own logo. They can be readily identified by casino bosses. Once the dealer verifies that the dice are legit, they are put in play on the craps table. Only two dice at a time are used. The remainder are kept by the dealer and no one else is allowed to touch them. Even the casino workers at the table are not allowed to touch the dice. They have to use a stick to push them to players.

Let’s assume that you were somehow able to overcome this and actually get a set of dice onto the table. Within a certain amount of time your loaded dice would be discovered. Loaded dice are designed to produce the same result time after time. Specifically, they would be loaded to roll a 7 on the come out roll. If you keep rolling 7s over and over, the dealer will eventually examine the dice. Game over.

If you are caught using loaded dice in a casino the penalty can be very severe. You could be banned, but you could also be charged with a criminal act.

What About Loaded Dice in Online Craps?

This may seem like a funny question but think about it. The software that is used to provide random dice rolls in online craps could easily be manipulated to produce some results more often than others. That would be the same thing as using loaded dice.

What we would suggest in this regard is that you look for a casino that offers provably fair online casino games. These games use random number generators and algorithms that can be examined for fairness. It is possible to go back and look at the results of games in the past and verify that results were random.

You certainly don’t want to play craps at an online casino where fairness is an issue. That’s why we recommend that you stick with the online casinos we recommend. You will have a better chance to win and you can also claim free bonus cash from many of them.

Play with confidence when you next find yourself in an online craps session. Remember that the game has a low house edge. With the proper craps bets you can beat craps in the long run.

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