Dice Setting at Craps – a Scam

Playing craps in a live casino means physically rolling a set of dice. Players take turns, and a hot shooter at the craps table can make a lot of money. There are some players who believe that dice setting or dice control is possible at craps. In Las Vegas you can even pay money for dice setting courses to learn how to throw the dice in a certain way.

We have written before about dice setting and why it does not work. Now, we will also explore why dice setting courses are a waste of your time and money. Think about it. Would a live casino offer a game like craps if the dice could be manipulated by hand?

The Physics of Craps

Before we tackle the subject of craps dice control courses, let’s revisit a few things about craps dice and craps tables. Both the dice and the table used in a craps game are specifically engineered to prevent any attempts at physical control.

The dice used in a live craps game are balanced, weighed, and tested for random results before they ever are put into live play. Dice that do not meet the standards established by state gaming commissions are not permitted. Furthermore, the dice that are used in live craps are only used for a certain period of time. Once they have been retired, the dice are scored with a hole through them. Sometimes these used dice are sold in casino gift shops.

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The table that is used for live craps is enclosed by a barricade. The wall surrounding the table is several inches high. It is also textured. There are diamond-shaped areas on the surface of the wall. These irregularities are placed there to create a random bounce when the dice hit the wall. No two rolls at a craps table are the same because of how the table is made.

Perhaps you think that you can roll the dice without using the table. Wrong. The rules of the game stipulate that the dice must hit the wall. You may get away with rolling the dice softly now and again, but the craps dealer will remind you to throw as directed. If you fail to do so, you’ll be asked to leave.

In short, the mere design of the craps dice and the craps table is enough to prevent dice setting or dice control. It does not work. Period.

Pay Money to Learn Dice Setting in Las Vegas

If you happen to find yourself in Las Vegas for a gambling vacation, you may find that there are businesses which claim to teach dice setting. You can pay money to attend a dice setting course. The promise is that you will be given the ability to control the numbers that come up when the dice are rolled.

These dice setting courses such as the one offered by Golden Touch Craps and others are often presented by a self-claimed “expert” in dice manipulation. They can cost hundreds of dollars for a class that last a few hours. During each class the expert will explain how to hold the dice so that rolls can be created on command. Learning how to throw a 7 is given priority.

Some players are surprised at just how often an expert at dice setting can roll a 7. They should not be. There are more ways to make a 7 than any other number on the dice. 1-6, 2-5, 3-4, 4-3, 5-2, 6-1 are all the ways that one can roll a 7.

This is why the number 7 is used as the basis for craps. It is naturally going to come up more often than not. When it shows on the player’s first roll, also called the come out roll, the player wins. Any other time it shows means the player will lose.

The dice setting teachers will tell a player that dice manipulation will help them roll a 7 on the come out roll. If they fail, no worries. Dice setting will also help them avoid a 7 when they are trying to make a point. If the player fails in this regard, the expert will claim that they just weren’t doing it right. More practice is required.

Stay Away From Dice Setting Scams & Play Craps Online

By now you should see that our recommendation is to avoid dice setting and dice setting courses. We will go even farther and suggest that you play craps online. In an online craps game you roll the dice virtually. There are no physical dice to contend with.

If you really want to be successful at the game of craps, focus more on money management than on dice setting. A good strategy of bankroll management and learning how to place the right bets will improve your chances to win at craps online.