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Winning money online by playing your favorite casino games is great. Getting paid for your winnings should be an easy process. Do online casinos pay? This is what many players want to know before they agree to make a deposit.

The good news is that legal online casinos have a good overall reputation for paying winners. If they don’t, they are usually shut down by regulators. Still, one should use diligence and research the best online casinos for quick withdrawals before playing casino games like craps.

The Withdrawal Process at Online Casinos

Let’s first take a look at the withdrawal process for most online casinos. Players are usually allowed to withdraw their winnings subject to a minimum amount. At many online casinos this amount can be as low as $10.

You navigate to the cashier section of the casino’s website where you will enter in the amount of money you wish to withdraw. You will also be asked to specify a withdrawal method. Some online casinos allow withdrawals to a bank account or a credit or debit card. You may even be able to request a check in some cases.

The method that you choose for withdrawal can have an effect on how long it takes to process your payment. Having the money sent to a credit or debit card is usually the fastest way to go about things. Sending it to a bank account can take up to a week for processing.

Each online casino has its own policies for deposits and withdrawals. You can usually find these in the terms and conditions when you sign up for an account. If you are not clear on the policies, be sure to ask questions.

What to Expect From Online Casino Payments

There are certain things to expect when you are collecting your winnings from an online casino. For starters, there will be a minimum amount that can be withdrawn. There will also likely be a maximum amount that can be withdrawn.

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The maximum limits are usually applied per week. They can be pretty high depending on how much you wager at the online casino. If you are someone that is making sizable deposits on a regular basis, your withdrawal limits may be more generous. Online casinos know how to treat their big players.

Something that is also common is a cooling off period following a withdrawal. This is a short window, usually no more than 24 hours, in which the withdrawal can be canceled by the player. Online casinos are smart to do this. They realized that players sometimes lose after requesting a withdrawal. They then need to add money back to their account by canceling the withdrawal.

You should also expect a verification of your withdrawal from time to time. This might mean giving the online casino some additional information when you ask for money. This is a basic security measure that all players must face. It is done to prevent unauthorized access to player accounts.

Common Online Casino Payment Problems

Do online casinos pay? Yes. This does not mean that sometimes payment problems occur. These are a few instances in which your payment might take longer than usual.

If your identification on file with the online casino has expired, you may be asked to upload a valid ID before you are able to complete a withdrawal. This is done so that online casinos can satisfy regulations which are intended to prevent money laundering.

There may also be times when your bank or the issuer of your credit card returns the payment. Some institutions have been known to reject payments from online casinos. There is little that you can do about this except use a different bank or card.

If there is suspected fraudulent activity on your account, payment from an online casino may be denied. This can involve suspicions of player cheating or other activity. Make sure that you are following all the rules and also that you are keeping your online casino account secure at all times.

What to Do If Payment is Delayed or Denied

If you encounter a situation where your payment is delayed or denied by an online casino do not panic. Take a step back, assess the problem, and proceed. The best thing that you can do in this case is to cooperate with the online casino in every way possible.

Getting mad and being belligerent will probably not lead to your payment being released. You may wind up getting banned by the online casino and having your funds seized. This is not the way to resolve a problem.

Contact customer service. Try to escalate your situation to a supervisor if you feel that you have not violated any rules or regulations. If you are unable to reach a solution after you have satisfied all of the requirements of the online casino, you may have to take further action.

Recourse for Non Payment

If you have been playing at a casino that is licensed and regulated, you may have some recourse when your payment is not made. If you feel that you have been wrongly denied a withdrawal, you can contact the regulators which oversee the casino.

When dealing with a gambling commission, you will need to provide documentation to prove your case. If you have any screenshots or emails that can verify your winnings, be sure to include those in your communication. Follow the instructions of the gaming commission and provide whatever information you are asked to provide.

This type of complaint can take many months to resolve. Be patient and hope for the best. The truth is that many complaints that reach this stage are not resolved to the player’s favor.

Do online casinos pay? Most do. There are some illicit casinos which are scams. You are going to have to sniff these out before you agree to play. Stick with the online casinos that are recommended by reputable websites such as CrapsPit. Do your own searches to see if there are any complaints to be found online. At the end of the day it is your responsibility to only support online casinos that pay.

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