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Are Electronic Craps Machines Rigged?

Do you play craps live or online? If so, you have probably encountered electronic craps machines. These are machines which do not depend upon someone to physically roll the dice. You may be wondering, are electronic craps machines rigged? It’s a reasonable question and we have the answer.

About Electronic Craps Machines

The types of machines we are speaking of here can include a couple of different varieties. The first are the ones that have become popular in live casinos. These include a central dome that is in the midst of chairs for players. In the dome there is a pair of large dice which are “rolled” by a mechanism that thrusts them into the air.

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Players at the electronic craps table have a console in front of them where they can make wagers. When it is there turn they may also be able to tap a button to roll the dice. The game proceeds just like a regular craps game, and players can make all the same bets that they could on a real craps table.

Another type of electronic craps machine is the one you would find at an online casino. This one is just a virtual version which uses graphics and a random number generator to determine the results of each roll. It also plays just the same as a live craps game without someone to physically roll the dice.

Why Would Casinos Use Electronic Craps Machines?

The reason for an electronic or virtual craps machine online would be obvious. This is the only viable way that the game of craps can be played online. Some online casinos have started to experiment with live craps games, but there are many kinks that still need to be worked out.

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In a live casino there are many advantages for using an electronic craps machine. The most important of these to the casino could be that electronic machines save the casino money. There is no need to pay dealers or box men to operate the game. No pit boss has to watch the play. The game is self-contained. It allows players to deposit money, make bets, and receive winnings in the form of a ticket when they are finished playing.

Some of these machines may also be less intimidating to players that have not played live craps before. There is still an element of time and speed to the game, but no one is really watching you and analyzing your play. You can also get a better feel for the game when you need to make your own bets on the virtual craps table layout.

The Fairness of Electronic Craps Games

If you are playing a virtual craps game online, fairness can be easy enough to determine. Many only casinos have chosen to use a provably fair model of gaming. This means that results of games can be examined for random results.

Let’s be honest. If you have concerns that the casino games you are playing online are rigged, don’t play there. There are plenty of online casinos which provide provably fair gaming, and you can also find plenty of trusted casino reviews to point you in the right direction. Worrying about electronic craps machines being rigged will only affect your gaming experience in a negative way.

The electronic craps machines that are in live casinos should be trusted to deliver fair gaming. The primary reason for this is that live casinos have to answer to local gaming commissions. They cannot afford to be caught cheating and risk losing their license.

Perhaps more relevant is the fact that a casino does not need to rig its electronic craps games in order to win. Craps has a built-in edge for the house. As long as the game can be trusted to provide random results, a profit for the casino is guaranteed in the long run. Yes, short term results may vary. But in the long term the house always wins.

Asking the Right Question

Are electronic craps machines rigged? Maybe this is not the right question to ask. Can electronic craps machines be beaten? This is a more relevant and better question.

If you feel comfortable in your ability to beat a live craps game, you should have the same confidence in your skills at electronic craps. Why? Because you can use the same strategies and systems that you use at live craps when you play an electronic version.

It is natural for people to think a casino game is rigged when they do not win. This is rarely the case. Most losses happen because the casino naturally has an edge. Or because the player does not have a sound strategy. Plan your attack and you can have a chance to win at electronic craps.

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