Mainly for Casino Dealers : Various Interviews

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I usually have websites saved offline so that i can view them when i am offline with no internet access. I was going through the sites to delete some and found that i had a copy of and i also found that the site has not been online for 2 years if not longer (as of December 2011). I really love the interviews that where conducted by scott Cameron who is a craps dealer from Vegas. Also, some where conducted with the help of Ian Sutton from It would be a waste to leave them burried away so i bring them back to the web for your reading pleasure.

I am sure you will find them very interesting & they can be read via the links below.

Steve Forte : A interesting interview about casino cheating, advantage play, detection & prevention from the author of CASINO GAME PROTECTION A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE

Jim Kilby : A two part international interview featuring University of Nevada Las Vegas casino operations professor and author.

Bill Zender : With more than 30 years experience in the gaming industry Zender is widely recognized as a leading authority on all aspects of casino management and game protection.

Bill Thompson : An equal-opportunity casino critic, researching, teaching, commenting on and writing about it for nearly a quarter of a century. You had questions, he had opinions!

Shopper Interview : Mike Bare Guest service evaluator.This one wasn’t that popular but it does send a strong message. Recommended reading.

Profiles in Gaming

Dynamic and one of the most respected dice dealing instructors of all time. Come inside as we interview the life and times of ROBERT M. (BOBBY) JONES

From craps dealer to gaming instructor to world wide gaming consultant, author and entrepreneur. VIC TAUCER

He’s a best-selling author from Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. You’ll enjoy his knowledge, wit and charm. BARNEY VINSON

H Lee Barnes & John L Smith. Dummy Up and Deal, Inside the Culture of Casino Dealing. Interview with author Lee Barnes.

The Eye In The Sky : Understanding casino surveillance. An unprecedented interview where we ask the questions with a former director of casino surveillance and security consultant Brian Hever

The Wizard of Odds : Adjunct Professor of Gaming Math at UNLV Michael Shackleford better known as the Wizard of Odds

The Casino Host : How do you get a job like this? Click here to learn about casino marketing and the human connection with a Director of Player Development Dominic Del Vecchio

Dennis Conrad : Casino marketing strategist joins us for an interview that didn’t exactly go as planned. Entertaining none the less.