Best Odds in Craps

Best odds at the craps table

At first when you look at a Craps table, it is a little overwhelming and if you do not know what you are doing, you may seem confused. It is helpful to have some understanding of the game prior to playing, but it is also quite helpful to go and watch others play the game.

Craps is an exciting game and it draws people in, attracts a crowd and definitely sends good vibes throughout the entire casino area that you are in. Often, when dealing with Craps – you are working with odds. Some of the best odds you can find in the casino will be on the Craps table. There are some bets on the table that have horrible odds and an enormous house edge.

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One of the best odds you will find on the Craps table is with the pass line. The don’t pass line has the same house edge as the pass line, but as mentioned earlier – Craps is a highly electric game – your energy will feed off the other energy at the table. Betting the don’t pass line makes you a wrong bettor because you are betting against the shooter. Betting the pass line makes you a right bettor because you are betting with the shooter. When the odds are the same and if you do not mind going with the rest of the table, it is highly recommended that you go with the pass line. Similar to this bet is the the come bet. It also has decent odds because of its low house edge.

Obviously, the more difficult the roll – the higher odds payout you will receive. It is recommended to play the six and the eight – this does not mean you should play the big six and big eight. Big six and big eight are two of the worst bets you can make because the odds are rotten. However, the six and the eight have the odds of five to six. Two Craps or 12 Craps has the amazing odds of 30-to-1, but the probability is weak and you will often lose a bit more than you will win.

One of the greatest bets you can make is for true odds. This bet is not on the table, but it is offered so long as you bet the pass line first. Once a point has been made, you can bet usually up to twice the amount of your pass line bet on the odds. This saying you think a point will be rolled before a seven. What’s the coolest thing about this bet? There is absolutely no house edge. There definitely are not many games you can play when money is involved where the banker does not have an advantage over you.