Joining the Craps table to start playing

There are some simple steps to take first before walking up to a craps table. The first two things I always do is to go to the bathroom and wear comfortable footwear. There have been times that I’ve been standing at a really good table ready to pee in my

The next thing I look for is how many chips the players have in their racks and how many players are betting pass or don’t pass. You can get a sense of how hot or cold the table is that way. More often than not, I find that most tables are choppy to cold. In some crowded casinos, the only way you can get on a craps table is when the table turns cold.

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If more players are betting the pass line bet, what I do is to start with two $6 place bets on the six and eight, even if a six or eight is the point. I leave the two place bets up for six rolls, then take them down or take both down after one of them is hit. If more players are betting the don’t, what I do is to make two $5 don’t come bets and take full odds if one or both are on the four or ten. I don’t make a bet on the pass/don’t pass line in either case. A variation of this method is also good for when the going gets tough and you can’t catch a break at the tables. There will be times when you bet the place and the shooter sevens right out. You bet the don’t and the shooter throws your numbers before sevening out.

What you can do is make one $6 place bet on the six or eight or one $5 don’t come bet or make both bets at the same time. Take your place bet down after the first hit or right after the fourth roll. I’m trying to get a sense of where the game is going. If the shooter makes a point or throws a lot of numbers, I’ll start to bet accordingly. Most shooters will seven out after four or five rolls. I like to take my place bets down after six rolls. I’d rather lock up a small profit or save the bet then risk having too much money on the table, vulnerable to the inevitable seven. The purpose of my system is to bide your time and slowly work up to the bigger bets and higher risk that you need to take when that one hot roll comes by.

Don’t be in a rush when you first start to play. Take your time and be aware of what is going on. Notice what the other players are betting on, make sure the pit boss gets your rating card. Is the waitress coming? Get a coffee or a soft drink. Try not to drink too much alcohol. You should be able to get a feel for the table after the first two shooters. Once you decide on how you want to start betting, you can follow my craps system. Check out some trusted casino such as Sun Palace, Casino Max to play craps for real money.