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Imagine winning a massive slot machine jackpot in Las Vegas and leaving it behind because you didn’t know it happened. That is exactly what happened to Robert Taylor. The story doesn’t end there, and it actually has a happy ending. Here is how one lucky gambler won almost $250,000.

A Lucky Gambling Trip

Robert Taylor and his friends decided to visit Las Vegas for some fun gambling at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino in January 2022, he probably even took a ride on the Vegas high roller. Like most visitors to Vegas, Taylor didn’t have high expectations for winning a lot of money. All he really wanted to do was have a good time with his friends.

Taylor soon found himself seated at one of the casino’s many progressive slot machines. These types of machines pay off a massive jackpot when random conditions are met. As Taylor went about playing, the machine suddenly displayed a message that the machine had malfunctioned. An attendant was called, but no resolution could be determined.

Rather than wait for it all to be sorted, Taylor took a small sum from the casino to compensate him for his original stake that was placed in the slot machine. He later left the casino and returned home to Arizona, not giving the incident a second thought.

Casino Officials Investigate

Progressive slot machines are regulated by the state’s gaming board, and they are often connected between many casinos. When an incident such as this one occurs, officials are required to investigate the cause of the malfunction.

In the case of this machine it did not take long to determine that a malfunction had occurred. Robert Taylor had actually won the $229,000 progressive jackpot on the machine. The machine did not notify that the jackpot had been won, and Taylor went home.

Some would reasonably conclude that the story would end here, but it does not. Once the investigators were able to determine that the jackpot had been won, they set about trying to determine who the winner was and trying to find him.

The Casino Locates Slots Jackpot Winner

Using the technology that casinos have at their disposal, security personnel were able to identify Robert Taylor as the winner of the progressive slots jackpot. They were able to match security footage of Taylor playing the machine to images of a man entering a vehicle. Using data from the vehicle and Taylor’s hotel check-in information, the casino was able to deliver Taylor some very good news.

A phone call was made to notify Taylor that he had won the jackpot. He was told he could come to the casino and pick up his $229,000. Taylor did not delay and was soon on his way back to Arizona with a large jackpot in his possession.

Casinos and Honesty

Some people will probably read this article and come away wondering if all casinos would have been this honest in a similar situation. There is really no way to tell. In this case, the transparency of progressive slot machine payouts may have made a big difference.

As we mentioned earlier, progressive slot machines are often linked together and are located in various casinos. These can even be competing casinos. Because these machines are shared to a certain extent, there must be transparency among the casinos that have them.

If this had been a small casino, it is possible that the casino would have just considered the incident as a malfunction of the machine. In this case there is a warning on each machine which states that any malfunction voids the payout.

The story of Robert Taylor should remind us all to pay attention when we are in a casino gambling. Be sure to check the machine when something out of the ordinary occurs, and do not leave if you are convinced that you have hit a progressive jackpot.

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