Dice Control Believers

We do not believe in the notion of dice control and you can read our article such as the one on “dice control scam” to see why we do not.  On this page we will share views of our readers who believe in dice control. Read our articles on dice control and decide what you want to believe!

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DECEMBER 2015 Comments & Messages

Dice man submitted

Yes dice control works! My 2 brothers and I play once a week and we constantly outperform random rollers. Is it perfect, no, but it can give you an edge over just random!

Jangoo2 submitted

I know you’re mind is already set, and nothing anyone says will change that. But I can tell you that dice control is not a scam. I’m living proof of it. Is it easy? No. Like anything else, if you want to be great at something, it takes time and practice. I practice my throws on a daily basis and it shows when I go to the casinos. Anyone who thinks they can read a book, and then go to the casinos and win a ton of money will be in for a BIG disappointment. I learned about dice control on the internet, all the information I received didn’t cost me anything. Practice sets? Build your own. It’s not that hard or expensive. But I like nay sayers like yourself. The worse thing that can happen is saturating casinos with true dice control players. So please continue convincing people dice control is a scam, and I’ll continue winning at the casinos.

FEBRUARY 2016 Comments & Messages


Whoever wrote this seems extremely disgruntled about something he obviously knows nothing about. Are you mad because you’re a loser at craps or something? Get a grip man, just don’t gamble if that’s the case. Lmao

APRIL 2016 Comments & Messages


Well I am a believer in dice influence and I’m sure an online casino would be bias against such belief as it would negate anyone from going online to play craps. What certainty does the online player have that the online dice are rolling randomly, what guarantee is provided and how would it be proven? I’d argue that the online “dice outcome” model would not allow a 50 hand roll, let alone a 20 roll as the math is just to pure to provide.

In regard to dice influence, it is fine with me if you or anyone does not believe and I am able to throw the dice fast enough for no one to care. So leave me alone and let me play live, it’s more fun anyway.

JULY 2016 Comments & Messages


I have been practicing dice control for a while now. The average is a 7 every 6 rolls. My best has been 30 and 42 rolls before seeing a 7. If you practice it can be done.

December 2016 Comments & Messages


There’s ALWAYS a group of people who don’t believe so they come out calling everyone else idiots, dummies, SCAM artists or whatever many names to make them feel better. I know “dice control” isn’t a real thing but I also know that when I 1st started to play craps, I would just grab the dice and throw hoping for any number but a 7. Except on the come out roll. I pretty much played as the casinos expected and want. I then changed to actually setting my dice, throwing a certain way and on every one of my throws I now have an expected result. Of course, I don’t get what I expect 100% the time but depending on the expectation, I get what I expect 20% to 50% of the time. For instance, I set the dice with the all 7 sets on a come out roll and bet the hop 7s. About 40% of the time I g et a 7. The odds of rolling a 7 added to the setting of the dice and maybe getting a perfect throw increases to a level worthy of a hop bet.

It’s much better than just jerking off the dice and throwing. If a throw is perfect and the dice rotates correctly, it hits the table and barely rolls to the base of the back wall ( where there’s no pyramids ) then the odds of what numbers come up are drastically changed. Sure no one can throw that perfect throw every time but it’s the slight advantage if you do that makes it worth it to practice.

I’ve been playing craps for just over 2 years and only setting my dice for the last 6 months. More times than not, I go at least 15 rolls before I hit a 7 ( not counting where I try to hit the 7 on a come out roll ) The way I bet, once I go 4 rolls deep, I am even and the money on the table is the casinos money. It’s very rare that I don’t can’t go 4 rolls after setting point. Sometimes the dice does hit some chips or I lose focus and throw right against the back wall hitting those pyramids.
It’s not TOTAL dice control but it’s more control than jerking and throwing.

July 2017 Comments & Messages


I believe in dice control. Do I believe the majority of people that take the class and/or try it can master it? No. If you teach a 10,000 kids how to play baseball…how many will become Mike Trout? I’ve used the dice set and toss that golden touch teaches and have had some really great rolls. I’ve rolled the All, Small, Tall on numerous occasions and have had the best roll of my life (42 rolls 12 of which were 6’s) using this method. I’ve also rolled the point and sevened out 3 rolls later. So, yes it’s no guarantee that you will succeed every time you go to the casino, but if it helps out and if you practice over and over, I do believe it can be an added benefit. I’ve also seen other students use the roll and have some really great rolls. I’ve been at the tables in AC with some of the instructors and pretty much made back my class fee within 20 minutes off of one of their rolls. Could have been luck? Sure, but it didn’t hurt compared to if I just rolled the dice as I have been for over 30 years and sometimes won but more times lost.

March 2018 Comments & Messages

Andrew Lee

Dice control or dice influencing is not a scam. Yes, it’s true, you can purchase all sorts of books on it, written by many different authors. You can purchase practice sets or tables. You can sign up for group and one on one tutoring classes teaching you dice control. Are there people out there that want to take advantage of you by selling you nonsensical items and services? Absolutely. Does that mean dice control is a scam? Absolutely not. Although there are many books on dice control, there are also tons of reading material on the subject online for free. There are free instructions on building your own practice set or table if you don’t want to purchase someone else’s built practice table. Dice control can be accomplished. The secret is practice. It’s no different than play ing golf. There are books on golf, tips to improve your game, golf pros willing to coach you on your swing. Are these people trying to scam you? If you read all the books you want on golf, purchase a set of clubs, and go golfing, are you going to have a good golf game? Probably not. In golf, you have your good days, you have your bad days. But if you practice, and concentrate on your game, you can improve your game. Dice control is the same. You have to spend hours practicing your throw, analyzing your throws, and making necessary adjustments. I’ve read you need to practice throwing for 10 hours for every 1 hour at the actual casino craps table. I do know that dice control does work, because I use it. I do have a practice set, I’ve spent hours upon hours practicing, and I win more than I lose. Do I lose occasionally? Absolutely. Why? Because my throw is off. I can usually tell as soon as I release the dice, watching it fly through the air whether the dreaded seven will come up or no t. So if you wish to tell the world and convince people that dice control doesn’t work, you’re doing the casinos and actual dice control throwers a favor. The less people there are trying to influence the dice, the less the casinos have to worry, and the easier it is for the dice control throwers to fly under the radar, and write off any success to lady luck.

July 2018 Comments & Messages

Wave It’s Wolf

Well online craps is absolutely a waste of your money. .. And I’ve been playing around with this DC for about 6 months and all I can say is to each his own. I’ve hit ATS in the past 2 months 6 times and without a doubt it has influence. But I’m thankful that it’s not black and white where the change the way its played at casinos Although some have banned dice sets. So I would gladly meet up with you and let’s roll how ever # of times you wish 100 , a thousand and let’s see who rolls the most 7s. Random is 6 or 7 I’m consistantly in the 20s. And yeah sometimes I have bad night and rushed things why, because I get greedy. My biggest hurdle in doinjg this was my wife. She’s my biggest fan now .. Why not it’s paid for remodel,, etc. But hey I just love the game

January  2019 Comments & Messages

James Michael Green

Hi there everyone ! Well I must add my 2 cents in here. One of my twin boys came to visit me since he was in the neighborhood, driving his eighteen wheeler. I picked him up at the truckstop, and on the way home he said Dad you know you can set dice and use control and make money playing craps. Well, being the dad I am, I said “son , that seven comes whenever it wants to, it’s all a matter of luck. So we go to the boomtown casino in Harvey la. and on one roll he hit the all small all tall and all, cmae back and took the all tall out again and he left the crap table with about 1000 bucks. So i’m thinking maybe I should listen to his advice. So I checked out youtube and found bonethrower, the dominator and various other guys, so I set up a box in my room and practiced. As the days progressed I began throwing less and less sevens. From 3 rolls and hitting a seven , then using the hardway set started getting 6 rolls without a seven, then 10 rolls , 15 and now sometimes get up to twenty. I believe that you can increase your odds throwing numbers with setting and controlling. Not that you can roll a number on demand, but that you can limit the sevens you hit. I’m a 65 year old man and I decided to go to the casino and try it. My bankroll was 100 bucks, and I set my loss limit at $50 and my win limit at $40. On my first roll my hand was shaking so bad I thought I was going to throw the dice out the door ! lol. I mentioned, : damn i’m nervous, and the people around me said , don’t worry about it just throw them, you’ll be ok. So I calmed down, concentrated on keeping the dice together, using the hardway set, and I started hitting numbers. It was a $10 dollar table , when I looked over theguy next to me was betting $25 dollar chips . So i’m rolling and hitting numbers, hit my point twice came out again and the guy betting the $25 dollars put $50 dollars with my chips. I was like whats this ! and he said don’t worry about it just keep on rolling. I didn’t even realize it but I knocked out tha all small and he had $25 dollars on all three of them. I’m a beginner just playing the 6 & 8 for $24 dollars. I wound up with about $200 which was way more than my $40 win limit , and when I finished I thanked everyone, tip the dealers and headed out. I’ve built my bankroll up to $1200 dollars with about 20 trips there, and 5 losing days. I still only take a hundred with me because i’m too scared to bet big, but am surprised at how quickly it built up. Since I have been going to the casino, I see betters trying to win back lost money, or hit it big and keep wanting more only to give it all back. I’ve found that the advice of a win limit and lose limit works well for me. If I lose 40 of my hundred I leave. if I win 40 or more on my roll I leave. But now i’m worried about my son. He always trying to hit that big win , and making bets on the twelve and 2 and such hardways etc, which I guess maybe hardways aren’t too bad a bet. He came through again and wanted to go to harrahs in new orleans. We were standing at the table and since the saints and philly football game people were in town, all the tables were $25 dollar minimum. Then it was a crapless table too. This guy on the other side of me opposite my son bought in for $1000 . I was thinking while wonder how he’s going to bet. I turned back to my son then turned to see what this guy was doing and he wasn’t there. So I asked a guy at the table where this $1000 man went and he said he put it all on a one roll bet , lost and left !. I mean in the blink of an eye ! I was in shock. So i’ll quit rambling and just say that I’ve always been using the hardway set. I saw you guys talking about the 3v set so I figured i’d try it since I like the 6 & 8. Out of 100 rolls I rolled 38 of them. Out of 23 series 8 of them were short rolls of 5 or less but included a 6 or 8. Interesting to me. Had 25 x’s roll and the last roll was on the 10th when 100 rolls hit. Anyways I think it kind of like a quarter that perfects his throws, I believe you can help yourself by setting and throwing but that’s just me. Seems to be working


James, thanks for your post.  That’s an unbelievable story.  “Unbelievable” not meaning astonishing or incredible, but “unbelievable” meaning not likely to be true.  Whatever your results are at the craps table, it’s random and has nothing to do with your ability to control the dice, even if by a slight fraction.  One particular statement in your story is just plain…well, without beating around the bush…just plain silly, “…so I set up a box in my room and practiced.”  A box?  Really?  You mean like a cardboard box, or a wooden box?  Or did you spend your hard-earned money on a “practice box” sold by the online dice doctors?  Really?  So, apparently, you believe practicing throwing dice into a box (any kind of box) will gain you some sort of advantage or benefit at a casino craps table.  Really?  Really?!  We beat the dice control con to death, so we won’t spend more time on it.  You just keep believing in dice control, keep practicing with your box, and we wish you fun and good fortune at the craps table.


May 2019 Comments & Messages

Ben Dover

You saw what happened to Blackjack card counting when the word got out. Whisper words of wisdom. If a person were to land the dice ‘too gently’ ‘too closely’ to the back wall, and said person was shooting from just left or right of stick – indicating a desire to shorten his throw as much as possible, such a person would need to only do the gentle toss sporadically, so as not to draw too much attention to himself or herself. Otherwise, cat escapes bag and some new measure is implemented which takes food out of my poor, starving baby’s mouth. Now, you wouldn’t want to do that, would you?

August  2019 Comments & Messages

André S. Williams

I’ve been around and I’ve seen dice control in action. It definitely is possible, but It doesn’t work for MOST people, because most people aren’t willing to put in the practice necessary to be consistent.

The level of skill necessary to be a consistently successful dice influencer is akin to a professional baseball pitcher or NFL quarterback and the knowledge and skills to adjust to any situation.

Most people aren’t willing to put in the work to be good enough for a casino to bother banning them or the practice of dice control.

All dice control, dice influencing or whatever you want to call it, is reducing the randomness of results and getting semi-repeatable results. If you control ever aspect of your toss and it’s as close to exactly the same every time. You WILL get repeatable results.

They will still be mostly random… But with less randomness to it. And if you can have a better idea what numbers are likely to show, you can bet accordingly.

Monster 50+ rolls are almost as random for dice influencers as they are for random rollers. That’s not what DI it about.

But if you can take you 7 out ratio from an average of 6 to an average of 15… You can make money.

That’s what it is about. It’s not about calling what number you’ll roll it rolling for an hour. Though that can happen. It’s about decreasing the odds and frequency of the 7 showing up and knowing what numbers are likely to show and betting accordingly and getting out before the 7 shows.

It’s also about knowing how to adjust your toss in live games because every table is different.

But honestly, suggesting people play internet or video craps (slot machines) may be the most retarded shit I’ve ever seen, and killed all credibility this site might have had.

Choose to not believe in physics, fine. But to suggest slot machines as the alternative?! Hahaha please!


Andres, thanks for your post.   We stick to the facts and the facts tell us, once a dice hits the back wall it will result in a random roll.  You say “They will still be mostly random… But with less randomness to it. ” lol.   It is either random or not random, no in between.


November 2020 Comments & Messages

Michael Mitchell

I’d like to dispute your argument. Die setting is just like any other sport it takes patience and time to learn how to successfully execute a throw. Athletes learn technique first before they become great Stars. it’s hard to believe that we can teach a man to throw a curveball that breaks two and a half feet from the plate but you can’t believe that we can throw a set of dice and not land on seven. Today people are more worried about get rich schemes instead of doing the work. It takes discipline to learn a craft like throwing dice or anything else looking musicians of nowadays. I think none of you actually put any money on a craps game in an actual casino so you don’t even know what you’re talking about


Thanks for your post on our article on the dice control scam.  Unfortunately if that was the case, the casinos would go bust. It might be hard for believers to accept if they have spent thousands of dollars taking craps settings courses. It also frustrates people selling the course that we talk about it.  Even if you could throw a set of dice to not land on seven, it would be impossible to control the outcome AT THE CASINO once the dice hit the back of the craps table. When it hits the rubber uneven surface (pyramids/spikes) on the back wall, the dice will land randomly. The dice MUST hit it, to ensure a random result. You have no control of what angle it will hit the wall, simply as that.