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The Hammerlock Craps System

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There are many betting systems and strategies to use at craps. Some of them make bold claims about their effectiveness. When we first saw the claims about the Hammerlock craps system we were amazed. The creators go so far as to say you will never lose at online craps again if you follow the principles of this strategy.

We are not prepared to go that far, but the Hammerlock craps system does offer some upside. It is a good system for the player who wants to keep things simple at the table. A few hours of actual practice should be sufficient to learn to strategy.

Remember, you can practice these craps systems online for a small investment. Most online craps games can be played for as little as $1 per hand.

About the Hammerlock Craps System

Most stories about this system attribute it to a live craps player who frequented the live casinos in Las Vegas. He was a lucky player and won most sessions. Some even claim he never lost a single session of craps. Although the man’s name is now lost, the bosses of the casino started to refer to him by the nickname Hammerlock.

We suppose the idea behind the name was a reference to the beating the player was handing the casinos on a regular basis. Who knows? Much of the story has become something of a legend, but everyone seems to agree that the man ultimately made more than $1 million before he was quietly asked to take his gambling elsewhere.

Some books and articles have been written about the Hammerlock craps system. Almost all of them make the promise that you will never lose again when using it. That is a bold claim that would be very difficult to prove.

How the Hammerlock Craps System Works

The main key to the system is that the bettor is working against the shooter, or betting against them. The Hammerlock is a system of betting which involves combining place bets and odds bets to achieve a desired profit.

You can use place and odds bets independently at the craps table, but this would not be considered to be a true Hammerlock system. The bettor will also be using the Don’t Pass line right below the Place bets area on the craps table. A Don’t Pass bet is a bet against the shooter. This means you are wagering that the shooter will crap out and lose.

When you play craps online you are always the shooter. This means that you click to roll the dice whenever you are ready. In essence, you will be betting on yourself to crap out. Some players have a mental block where this is concerned. They can’t get past betting on themselves to lose.

Yes, you are wagering that the roll itself will be lost but you are actually betting that you will make money along the way as that happens. It sounds complicated but at the craps table you will find that the concept is a simple one to grasp.

The Place bets are the main point of the strategy in the Hammerlock craps system. The first bets are made once the shooter establishes the point. The player then covers all the place numbers which are not the point. As you can see, this can be an expensive strategy when the table is cold.

The bets are allowed to ride and then pressed to a certain point before they are taken down to give the player a decent profit. It sounds good in theory, but expecting to win every session with the system is a little bit far fetched.

False Claims About the Hammerlock Craps System

If you want to learn more about the specific nuances of this craps systems there are many books available online. Some of the books have even taken the basics of the system and expanded them into something that hardly resembles the original system. But all of them still make that very bold claim. You will never lose again if you use the Hammerlock Craps system.

This is our opinion. There is no system which will allow you to win every time at the game of craps. There are systems that will give you a better chance to win overall, but none can guarantee a profit. It sure would be nice if there were casino games systems like that.

Craps is a casino game of chance. It cannot be won every time just by using a betting system. You still have to employ discipline, look for hot streaks, and occasionally take a walk when the table is cold. You will never be able to overcome variance at craps.

While you may not be able to win every time at craps with the Hammerlock system, you sure can lose a lot of the time when you do not have some type of betting strategy to use. Playing craps without any type of plan is asking for trouble. You cannot just expect to toss your money down and automatically realize a profit.

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