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135 Craps Strategy

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We have often said that craps is a game where you can win or lose large sums of money in a short period of time. The 135 craps strategy is a betting method that looks to capitalize on this. With just two hits you can build a stack worthy of cashing out.

Here is a closer look at the 135 craps strategy. This is probably not the best system out there for beginners, but the experienced player can use it successfully. If you are fortunate enough to encounter a hot roll the profits can pile up in a hurry.

About the 135 Craps Betting Method

This system of craps betting has also been referred to as the 135 Across. This is because it is an across strategy which makes use of place betting at craps. Place betting is popular among both experienced and novice craps players. It is simple to master but the bankroll requirements can be high.

The 135 has become a popular strategy on TikTok where it has been demonstrated with great effect. The actual origin of the system is unknown, but it has likely been around for many years. The older craps players may have referred to it by a different name.

The goal of the method is to achieve hits and then regress with your profits. Just two consecutive hits are needed to put the player in a position of strength. Once the bets can be regressed the player is now betting with profits instead of their bankroll.

As the name of the betting method suggest, the player begins with a place bet of $135 across. This level of betting will be uncomfortable for many players that are new to the game. It is a good strategy to use at a $10 minimum table, but it can also be used at lower stakes.

How the 135 Craps Betting Strategy Works

Again, at the heart of this system is a simple concept. The player is looking for two hits in a row when betting across the place numbers. These numbers are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10.

Using a $25 base unit, the player covers all the place numbers. This amounts to $135 in total. Note that the wagers on the 6 and 8 are slightly different than the rest because of the odds of those numbers hitting. Also, some players choose to not cover the point number.

Another slight deviation is to buy the 4 and the 10. You will be paying the casino vigorish in this case, but you will receive true odds when these numbers hit.

The beauty of the 135 craps betting strategy is that it puts you in the driver’s seat. If you can manage to get those two hits in a row you then have a multitude of options. You can essentially play with the house’s money because you are in profit.

Let’s say that you achieve two hits in a row. You can now regress to $64 across. The $64 that you are using is profit. You will have about $10 left over after you cover all the across bets. You can then choose to let these bets work. As you win, you can pocket the profit or you can keep pressing up if you are at a hot table. You can even do a combination of the two.

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You have now put yourself in a position of relative safety because you are playing with the house’s money. Yes, you can lose. But if you have gotten the two hits you will still have money withdrawn to start a new roll.

Remember what we said about craps being a game where money can be won or lost quickly? You can see that when you put this system in play. It is very possible to crap out without a single hit multiple times. That’s part of the risk that comes along with this system. Some players are going to be hesitant because the risk level is beyond their own personal comfort zone.

The Live Potential of the 135 Craps Method

We were able to observe live testing for this craps system. In the live test, the system did pretty well. It ended with an overall small profit, but at one point early in the test the player was almost broke on a starting bankroll of $1300.

We cannot understate the issue of risk here. In the test there were two quick crap outs, leaving the player down $270. This in just a matter of minutes after starting to play. Losing that kind of money for some people is demoralizing. They will want to quit and never try the system again.

The chance for a big win is there with the 135 craps system, but a large bankroll is required if you want to have the best chance at winning.

Bankroll Requirements For 135 Craps Betting

We would suggest starting with no less than $1,300. As we said, you can play this system at a $5 table, but most players will want to play the system at a $10 table. If you don’t have this type of bankroll, we recommend that you try another system. There is no reason to take the risk if you don’t have the capital to back your play.

We also know that $1,300 is way beyond the level at which some of our readers want to play. This is understandable. You can try the system with less money across, but this is not going to work because you will have difficulty making a regression when you win.

The Pros and Cons of the 135 Craps Strategy


  • Potential is there for a big win
  • Works both online and live
  • Very simple to execute


  • Requires a large bankroll
  • Multiple losses to start can wipe you out

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