Private Craps – A Variation of Bank Craps

A game of Private Craps is the variation of Bank Craps that is most like “street craps”. Private craps is played outside the casino and is generally illegal. However, experienced crapshooters stand the chance of winning huge sums of money in a private craps game..

Accepted Rules

Even though private craps is organized outside the confines of a formal setting such as a casino, there are still a fairly accepted set of rules governing the game. Perhaps the foremost difference between Private Craps and Bank Craps is that players bet against each other, as opposed to the house. Typically most betting in a private craps setting is managed by a bookmaker. The bookmaker makes a percentage of each wager, too. There are usually high stakes to be won at private craps venues.

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Besides table bets, such as Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line, among many others, players can also participate in side bets. Side bets allow players to bet against each other on a shooter’s odds. Players can join and leave the craps game any time they choose.

Cheating at craps

Crooked dice have always held a mythic place in the history of gambling, and there are still players who try and take advantage of craps games by using fixed dice. Crooked dice might be weighted to fall a certain way or they might be the opposite, lightened. Other crooked dice have been found to be loaded with materials in their centers intended to strategize their weight factor.

Many private craps games will try and make sure that players shake their dice before rolling, in order to reduce the number of players trying to “control” dice. Savvy players try to apply throwing strategies. They set dice faces a certain way, grip them in another way and then throw them strategically, in an attempt to try and take full advantage of the bet on the table.

To escape having to shake set dice, crooked players will employ a cheat that involves a fake shake of the dice. This falsified shake makes use of the player’s skill in moving the dice against each other to make them “cackle,” a sound like dice shaking. Check out some safe reviewed casino such as Sun Palace, Casino Max, to play craps for real money. or see our guide on how to win at craps.