World Craps Championships

On the weekend of July 22 and 23, 167 dice rollers gathered in Las Vegas for Frank Scoblete’s World Craps Championships.

The tournament was filled with the best dice controllers in the world and it was made up of head-to-head matches, with 96 players in each match competing for cash prices and trophies. They were trying to throw specific results in those heads up matches. In the No-Sevens championship, for example, players were supposed to make as many rolls as possible without a seven appearing. This event was won by Phil Corder.

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The title World Craps Champion was won by famous craps shooter Linda “Lowroller” Mabry, a writer and member of Golden Touch Craps. She was one of many excellent rollers in that room that day; she played great, had some lucky rolls, and can now call herself the best craps shooter in the world.

The most memorable match was the one between Howard “rock ‘n’ Roller” versus no other than his own mother! And she beat the living crap out of him when she rolled four hardway numbers in a row. Now we know who Howard inherited his amazing craps skills from. Some people claim that the game was rigged, but the judge Frank Scoblete says that Howard’s mother Thelma won the game fair and square.