Legal Gambling

The United States are a country that has the toughest gambling laws and the most liberal. In some states gambling is strictly forbidden while you can bet on almost anything.

Despite this, USA has more casinos than any other country in the world. There are almost 1500 gambling facilities in total.

The state that many of us associate with gambling is Nevada; they have more casinos than any other state in the US. Las Vegas is literally packed with slot machines, decks of cards and craps tables. Most of the people that travel through the dessert to reach Sin City do it for gambling.

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Another state which allows gambling such as casino craps, and is a popular destination for people that are feeling lucky, is New Jersey. The gambling capitol of New Jersey is of course Atlantic City and that is where the New Yorkers go when they want to shoot dice. There are also Native American casinos in the US, which are perfectly legal. Those casinos can be found in many different states, for example Arizona and Michigan.

In Europe every county has its own laws regarding gambling. If you are traveling to Europe I recommend that you look up the laws in the specific country that you are going to. The gambling capitol of Europe is of course Monaco. When players want to gamble with class that is the obvious destination.

The legality of online gambling is discussed very heavily both in America and in Europe. I will follow up on what is happening in another post.