NextShooter’s “California Craps”

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Nextshooter is a Craps Dealer on the World Famous Las Vegas Strip. You can find more interesting information if you visit the the Nextshooter site.

California Craps with Cards

The Bone Man recently visited the Cache Creek Casino, North of Oakland and North West of Sacramento off of Highway 16 and provides this review of Craps as played with playing cards.


Two Tables
$5 to $500
Field Pays 2X on 2 and ONLY 2X on 12
Proposition Bets are DOWNTOWN ODDS (example… 2 and 12 pay 30 TO 1)
Table Odds (FREE ODDS) are 3, 4 and 5X Odds and are not posted.
Shuffle Machine located in rack next to STICKMAN.

Shuffle Machine releases TWO CARDS which are placed in RED and BLUE Rectangles, Face down. Then, releases the REMAINDER OF THE DECK.

Dice are thrown by SHOOTER. One BLUE die. and one RED die.


Colored dice are special dice, one RED and one BLUE, with pips (dots) designed so that there is NO HARDWAY (tie) possible… Always allowing one or the other to total higher than the opposite one.

Cards are pictured to show the RESULT of TWO DICE. 36 card decks. One Blue deck, One Red deck, with each card having two pictures (domino-like), representing the possibility of 36 results of two dice combination.

Cards are shuffled after each roll (card result).

Cards are replaced with new cards every FOUR hours.

Cards are manufactured by GEMACO CARD COMPANY.

Dealer procedures are the same as on any standard craps table for the BASE DEALERS.

Only the STICKMAN procedure differs from a standard craps game as the stickperson has to manage the rotation of the two decks and the placement and turn of the result card.


After a brief introduction to this game it seems as though it moves very deliberately and very much like a standard craps game. The only major difference is that the player (s) need to get accustomed to the turn of the RESULT card as paying attention to the result of the DICE is somewhat academic as it has NO effect on TAKE, PAY or PLACE on the table wagers. It is the TURNED CARD that determines the RESULT.

The speed and service factors of the game seem only slightly slower than on a standard craps table.

It was observed and concluded that the tossing of the dice is as much a stalling factor to allow the stickperson to manage the shuffling and rotation of the two card decks and the card turn as it is certainly not the exciting prelude to a RESULT as it is in the standard game.

The Cache Creek Casino and Hotel is a first class facility and rivals many Vegas properties in accommodations and number of table games. The gaming traffic of players was very high and measurable as witnessed on a weekday in the early afternoon.

California Craps as played at Cache Creek is the same game played at the Pala Casino in Southern California..

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