Gambling Myths

Gambling Myths

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Gamblers are a superstitious bunch. Many gamblers have held beliefs about live and online gambling that could more properly be classified as myths. Sometimes, believing in gambling myths can be harmful to the gambler. They may even be able to cause gamblers to lose. Here is a closer look at the top gambling myths.

The House Always Wins

There is a general assumption about gambling that the house always wins. In truth, this gambling myth is rooted in common sense. Why would a casino even be in business if it could not guarantee a win and a profit in the long run? The odds may favor the house in gambling, but saying that the house always wins is a gambling myth.

Smart players can and do find ways to beat the house in gambling. There are may casino games which even introduce a measure of skill to the mix. Blackjack is an example. If you have skill you can swing the odds of the game in your favor.

But, for many players the reality is that the house wins. They don’t know when to take a profit, or they don’t develop gambling skills and proper money management techniques.

The Casino is Trying to Get You Drunk

When you go into a live casino the chances are good that you will be offered free alcohol when playing casino games. Many people believe that the casino is trying to get you drunk so that your judgment at the gambling tables is poor. This is a gambling myth.

There may have been a time in the past when this was true, especially in Las Vegas. But things have changed. More than one casino has been found liable when a drunk patron left the casino after being over-served and caused an accident. Today, live casinos just don’t want to take that risk. In fact, many of them have stopped offering free drinks altogether.

Online Gambling is Illegal

We get asked about the legality of online gambling all the time. The general assumption that all online gambling is illegal is a myth. It is a complex issue, especially in the United States, but things are becoming clearer with each passing year.

In Europe many countries have no prohibition on online gambling. There are online casinos, online poker rooms, and online sports betting. Europe has always been more open to gambling than the US. Many online casinos are based in European countries.

In the United States there are a handful of states which have already passed their own form of online gambling legislation. States like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Indiana have all chosen to allow residents to play at online casinos which are tied to physical casinos in each state. More states are joining this bandwagon each year.

Offshore online casinos also accept US players, and many players from states without online casinos choose to go this route. These casinos can be a source of free money and large welcome bonuses.

Card Counting is Illegal

There is no known law which mandates that counting cards is illegal. This gambling myth is prominent. Any smart blackjack player will tell you that they are not legally prohibited from counting cards. The casinos sometimes feed into the myth by spreading false information to casino patrons.

This issue has even been debated in court, with the casinos coming out on the losing end. So far, the general consensus of the courts has been that card counting is a skill. Even though it is a myth that card counting is illegal, it is a reality that casinos don’t like it. They can also take extreme measures to prevent it.

If you are caught card counting in a casino you could be asked to leave. You could also be banned from the casino. When word of that ban spreads to other casinos, you may be banned from they as well. We won’t tell you not to count cards, but we will tell you to take measures which prevent detection.

Gambling Luck is Real

Who has not heard the stories of beginner’s luck for gamblers? It seems like we all know someone who won big on their first trip to the casino. Gambling luck of any type is a myth. It simply does not exist. We know that some of you will disagree with that statement, and we encourage you to stick to your own superstitions. Just be aware that those beliefs don’t change the odds of a gambling game.

The way that gambling superstitions develop can be different for all players. Some players have a good day at the casino while they are wearing a certain hat. After that, the hat becomes a lucky totem. Maybe they ate a specific meal before a winning gambling session. Now, they always eat that meal before every trip to the casino.

Even though gambling luck is a myth, we can’t see the harm in having a lucky charm or two. The problem comes when you begin to make assumptions about gambling based on luck. If you are using gambling luck to justify losing sessions, there may be a problem.

Casinos Cheat and Rig Games

This is one of the biggest gambling myths out there. Some people really believe that the casinos are cheating. The truth is that most casinos wouldn’t cheat because they don’t have to. All casino games have a built-in edge for the house. The casino only needs to operate the games fairly in order to win.

We can understand how this myth has been developed over time. Some online casinos have occasionally contributed to the problem by being caught cheating. These are isolated incidents, and the offending casinos are usually put out of business in short order.

It is still a good idea to do your research and choose casinos that are legit. We have reviewed many online casinos that you can trust. At the end of the day, you have to decide if a casino is trustworthy. If it isn’t, spend your money somewhere else.

You Can’t Make a Living Gambling

Try to tell this one to many of the poker players and hustlers that have made a living in Las Vegas for years. It is a myth that you can’t make a living gambling, and there are many examples. Doyle Brunson, Arnold Snyder, and Ken Uston are just a few.

The truth is that making a living gambling is possible, but it can also be very difficult. We would even go so far as to say that most people do not have the discipline that it takes to be a professional gambler. So many factors go into professional gambling, and the person who earns their living in a casino has to master them all.

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