4,2 doey don’t craps system

First, money management is the key. Remember that if you play the game correctly you basically have a 50-50 bet. If you play craps over time, you will be up $$ half the time, and down $$ half the time.

The key with the 4, 2 Doey-Don’t system is to leave the table when you are up (with a profit) and to limit you loses. No system matters unless you manage your money properly.

This system is ideal for the better that has a small bankroll — like me. First, you will bet both sides of the table — the do and the don’t — but only in a 2 and 4 in a row sequence. Just make sure when you win on the don’t side, that you keep it to yourself because a lot of the table just lost that roll.

When you walk up to the table wait at least a couple rolls to see how the table is playing. Ask other players how they’re doing. Wait until the pass is either made or or beaten. At that point the system is simple. You bet two times in a row (at any $$ level you are comfortable with) following the pass and four times in a row for the don’t pass — rotating as the dice require. Example: a 4 is the point and another 4 is made — so you bet one more time on the pass (for a total of 2 passes made in a row), followed by 4 don’t bets. If however the next pass bet is won, you go back to 2 more pass bets.

Example: A don’t pass bet is won. Your next bet is 3 more don’t pass bets in a row. However the next pass is won, so you switch to 2 more pass bets.

Example: A don’t pass is made. You win 2 more don’t pass bets, but then are beaten with a pass bet. So you switch back to 1 more pass bet. If you win, you switch to 4 don’t pass bets, etc.

Throw down some odds bets if you get ahead or want to lessen the house edge.

This is a good system when the table is choppy, going back and forth between hot and cold.

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