4, 10 Point Progression

Step 1. Buy in for $100. to $500. Wait for a 4 or 10 to get established. If you are a $100 buy in person you would place $54. across. That breaks down to 4 ($10) 5 ($10) 6 ($12) 8 ($12) 9 ($10), assuming the point is 10!

You then let the shooter hit 2 numbers and then turn your place bets “off”.–you will miss out on several hot shooters, and the huge pay day, but you avoid the guy who rolls 6, 8, 7out. Depending on what numbers have been hit means you would have made a profit of between $28. and $36.

Step 2. You do the exact same thing as step 1. If you do this successfully, you should be up between $56. and $72.

Step 3. You now increase your bets. Still wait for a 4 or 10 to be established as the point. ( I have seen in my experience that 6’s and 8’s seem to draw the 7 out a lot faster than 4’s and 10’s…… you may disagree…)

You now take your original bet of $54. and add your profit to it. $54. for a total bet of $108. across. Hope the shooter catches 2 of your numbers and then turn them off. You would have just made between $56. and $72. for a grand total of $112. – $144…. You can now play using only profit from the casino. This is a lower risk progression, however it always seems that a bad shooter pops up when you least expect it! I have played this progression in casino’s and turned my original $54. across bet into over $5,000.

Good luck.

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