4 hits for 1 point

Normally I will make a $6 Place Bet on the No. 6 (My favorite Number) You can bet any number you like.

If a six rolls, the win is $7. I press the bet to $12 and receive $1 rebate.

If the 6 rolls again, the win is $14 + the initial $12, I add $4 and press to $30.

If the 6 rolls again, the win is $35 + the $30 bet, I add $1 and press to $66.

If the six rolls a 4th time, the win is $77 + $66 initial bet – I take down the $143.

Four rolls of the six in a single point set, perhaps, 2 or three point sets, if the shooter is hot and continues to make his/her point, along the way rolling a series of 6’s, can pay well. The exposure, if you go all the way, is max. $10 – a net $133 profit. Most players expose more than that on the Place line or other bets.

Suppose the bettor loses at that strategy 9 of 10 times played (1 win). That single win of $143 (very good odds) versus $90 for the number of times (9) loss leaves a leaves an approximate 43% profit in a relatively short period – considering that 10 point sets can be played rather rapidly. If you are fortunate to get a series of hot rolls where the 6 or 8 is hitting constantly, you may be lucky enough to win 2-3 or more of this system strategies. As indicated, there is only a $10 exposure for a single strategy. I plan on 2 strategy wins of 10 and very often I will proceed to a $30 press bet and after the 3rd roll of a 6, I will take down at the $66 level because at this point the 7 is lurking. Many many times I had achieved the $66 point and was shot down by the 7. The profits could be enormous if one quits at this level because the six rolling 3 times is relatively good.

Black Magic

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