How to Recover When Losing in Craps

Craps is a game that has massive potential for profit. It is also a game where you can rack up losses in a quick fashion. Sometimes you need to know how to recover when losing in craps. It isn’t always easy to get back on a winning streak but it can be done. Here’s a list of the top ten ways to break a losing streak in craps.

1 – Stick to Line Betting

There is an almost endless variety of craps bets that you can make at the craps tables. 50 or more individual bets are waiting for you when you start a game of craps, but that doesn’t mean all of them are good bets. Some are very poor choices.

Losses in craps tend to mount when you start playing too many bets. It may be to your advantage if you just slow down and stick to line betting on the Pass or Don’t Pass line. Yes, this can be boring. It can also be frustrating when you are in a live game and everyone else around you is making money on place bets. Use line betting to limit your losses, gain some perspective, and slow down the mad rush of play.

2 – Resist the Urge to Raise Your Bets

A common mistake that we see many craps players make is to raise their bets when losing. This is done in an effort to recoup losses. It rarely works, and there is even a name for it in betting circles. It is called throwing good money after bad. There is no reason to expect that a losing streak will come to an end when you raise your stakes. In fact, it will more often than not continue.

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The correct play is to lower your bets when you are losing. You can limit losses and wait for a hot streak to start betting big again. Most betting systems in craps take this approach.

3 – Slow Down the Craps Action

Craps is a very fast game. There are dice flying and bets being called on an off. It can be a bit overwhelming if you happen to be new to the game. Sometimes you need to make a conscious effort to slow down the game and compose yourself.

This isn’t the easiest thing to do when you are playing live craps. The speed of the game is often dictated by the craps dealer. When you play craps online it is easier because you can decide when to click and roll the dice.

4 – Walk Away and Regroup

When the losses really start to mount up, there may be no other solution than to walk away. This is one of the hardest rules for gamblers to follow. No one wants to walk away from a session with a loss. It is going to happen from time to time, no matter how good you are or how lucky you are at the game.

Speaking of luck, craps is a game that depends on it. The roll of the dice is something you cannot control. Forget all that you have heard or read about dice setting and other such nonsense. Accept that losses happen, take a break, and come back when you are ready to begin fresh.

5 – Use a Craps Betting System

We recommend that all craps players use some type of craps betting system when they play. A betting system in craps is sometimes called a strategy. It is a way of managing your money at the craps table. Without some type of betting plan you are lost when playing craps.

The best betting systems are those which explain in detail how to place the bets you make at craps, and the reason for making those bets. These systems will help you to understand that some bets are better than others for the player. They will also help you to use your profits to “play with the house’s money.”

6 – Play Online Craps

We believe that there are advantages to playing online craps for many people. One of these is that you can often play craps online for as little as $1 per hand. In a live casino you could be forced to put as much as $10 on a line bet before you are allowed to be in the hand. Imagine having that much at risk when you are new to the game and trying to learn your way around.

That brings us to another reason for playing craps online. If you are new to the game and have been losing in a live casino, you can take your time to learn the game without risking a substantial amount of money. You should also consider that many online casinos like to welcome new players with a bonus. They may match your first deposit with an equal amount of cash.

7 – Stop Playing and Study the Game

If you are losing at craps there is always the possibility that you just don’t know enough about the game to be successful. Thankfully, there is an easy fix for this type of problem. All you need is access to our site and a few hours to study winning methods. We have many craps articles that will teach you how to play and win at the game.

You can also find craps books for sale on Amazon. There are many good books that simplify the game and help you to learn. You can even keep a book handy for reference as you play craps online.

8 – Don’t Take Odds

It has become popular for live and online casinos to offer craps bets behind the line bet. These extra bets are known as odds bets, and they give you chance to rack up wins in a hurry. The problem is that the house advantage is always almost too powerful to overcome when you are making odds bets.

Why? Because a 7 is the most common number rolled on a set of two dice. When you are playing an odds bet you are betting that the point which has been established will be rolled before the 7 is rolled. In other words, the odds are against you. If you want to recover when losing in craps, stop betting on the odds line and just stick to basic bets.

9 – Avoid Risky Proposition Craps Bets

We’ve already mentioned that some bets on the craps table are not in your best interest. Just take a look at all the proposition bets that exist on a craps table. The compulsive gambler is always drawn to craps because of these proposition bets. Don’t be swayed by the hardways and place bets.

It is especially true that you stay away from these proposition bets if you are new to the game. You need time to figure out how and when to play them. Some of these bets can be useful when you know when to strike.

10 – Bet the Don’t Pass Line

Let’s state this right up front. The Don’t Pass line at the craps table is one of the few bets in the house that has the ability to return a flat bet profit over time. The reason is once again that the 7 is going to appear more often than other numbers when the dice are rolled. So, how does the casino compensate? They pay you less than even money when you win this bet.

Still, betting the Don’t Pass line is a good strategy if you want to recover when losing in craps. It puts the odds more in your favor. This is sometimes referred to as betting against the shooter. It doesn’t matter if you are the shooter. You can still bet on yourself to crap out.

These are the top ten ways to recover when you are losing in craps. Remember, you can apply this strategy when you play at any of our recommended honest online casinos. Practice responsible gaming. Practice at Sun Palace, Casino Max, or Slots Plus to later play craps for real money.