Basic don’t come Bet Method

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The Basic don’t come Bet Method uses flat bets with no added odds, except on the don’t pass when you are making a don’t come bet.

Here’s how it works. You put $5 on the don’t pass line, and the point is 6. You lay $5 on the odds and place $5 in the don’t come box. If the next roll is a 7, you would lose the $5 don’t come, but win $10 on the don’t pass. A profit of $5. The next roll is 10. You now have $5 plus $5 odds on the don’t pass and $5 on the don’t come 10. You would now remove the odds bet on the don’t pass.

By adding the odds bet to the don’t pass when making a don’t come bet, you are insuring a win if a 7 is thrown, instead of just breaking even.

Reprinted from an article in Chance magazine, with permission from the author, Larry Edell. Visit his site at The Craps Shooter to learn more.

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  1. Can someone explain something about this to me? If your don’t pass was $30 instead of $5 and you wanted to bring a don’t come bet through safely, wouldn’t you have to put more than $30 behind the don’t pass because of the odds for that number? is it because of the smaller amount($5) or can you actually place $30 behind to win $30 straight up?

  2. So,if the don’t pass was$30 instead of $5 as above and you wanted to bring a $30 don’t come bet through safely,wouldn’t you have to make it more than $30? Can you just increase the original bet by $30 and have it pay even money? That’s the way it sounds to me, you lay $5 (or in my example, $30) on the odds and it would pay $30 plus your $30 don’t pass?

    1. If the point is 6/8, you lay $6 to win $5
      If the point is 5/9, you lay $9 to win $6
      If the point is 4/10, you lay $10 to win $5

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