Basic Don’t Method in Craps revised

This method uses flat bets with no added odds, except on the don’t pass when you are making a don’t come bet.

Here’s how it works.

You put $5 on the pass and don’t pass lines (keep it there all the time), and the point thrown is 6. You lay $6 on the odds and place $5 in the don’t come box. If the next roll is a 7, you would lose the $5 don’t come, but win $5 on the don’t pass, breaking even, but if the next roll is 10, you now have $6 odds on 6 on the don’t pass and $5 on the don’t come 10. Now you would now remove the odds bet on the don’t pass.

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By adding the odds bet to the don’t pass when making a don’t come bet, you are covering the 7 if it is thrown on the second roll (thus a short hedge). Now the $5 chip is at an advantage. I like to play a win progression and I parlay any win once so I double up the don’t pass odds next time to cover the 7 again. If I win good. If I lose I start over at the beginning. 2 in a row wins happen often on the Don’t side. May as well use the casino winnings to extend the profit. I usually buy in for $200 or so and play for hours. Most tables are choppy anyway and I may as well be on the “Dark side”. Hot rollers rarely keep the dice for long. 3 point sets maybe.

If I parlayed the $5 to $10 and the point is 4,6,8 or 10, I usually add a $1 hard way for a little more insurance. You can adjust all the bets to whatever amount you are comfortable with putting out there. If it takes off you win a lot, if it doesn’t you’re not out very much. A good way to play

Sammy D

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