Sucker Bets in Craps

One thing is for sure in the world of gambling: no one ever wants to appear like a fool by making a sucker bet. This applies with equal force to just about any game of chance you are apt to find in a brick-and-mortar casino or online craps.

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For one, craps is not a game which is played in solitude. When you are the shooter, chances are you will be surrounded by a bunch of people all trying to ride your wave of success. Therefore, doing something stupid is sure to attract the attention of everyone, which can be seriously humiliating. Also, craps is a game which a relatively small percentage of casual gamblers really feel comfortable with. Therefore, the fear of screwing up can be crippling, especially if it comes to pass more than a few times.

If you intend to play craps with any level of seriousness, you need to identify sucker bets well in advance so there is little chance you will make one.

If you ask most experts, they will tell you that big six and big eight are straight-up sucker bets. These are usually are found in the corner of most craps table layouts. Each of these is a bet that one number (either the 6 or the 8, specifically) will be rolled before a 7. If the number you select is rolled before the 7, you will win even money (1 to 1). That’s as good as it gets.

Obviously a question comes to mind here. Why on earth would you make a big 6 or big 8 bet for even odds when you could make a place bet (on the number 6 or 8) for much better odds? Stop and think about it for a minute. You might be amused to learn that big 6 and big 8 bets are considered so pathetic that they are not even allowed in Atlantic City.

You will be much better off focusing on some more solid wagers. Among these are the hardway bets. Under this scheme, a 4, 6, 8 or 10 thrown as a double is called a hard number. Thus, a hardway bet is a wager you make that a particular number will be thrown “hard” (meaning comprised of both dice) before a 7, and before it is thrown the “soft” way.

Most often, a hard 4 and hard 10 pay 7:1, while hard 6 and hard 8 pay 9:1. These are good payback odds but the house edge for 6 and 8 can be 9.1%, and as much as 11.1% for 4 and 10. Those odds just suck, to put it bluntly. Still, these are much better wagers than the sucker bets mentioned above. So be sure to always play smart.