Top 10 Mistakes of Beginner Craps Players

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Craps is an exciting game that can also be very profitable. Newcomers to the game are often mesmerized by the speed of the action and the number of  craps bets being made. This can lead to costly mistakes.

We have put together a list of the top ten mistakes of beginner craps players. Avoid these mistakes and you will be well on your way to mastering the popular dice game called craps.

1 – Using the Wrong Bankroll for Craps

Craps is a game that involves many different bets. For this reason, you must have an adequate bankroll to play the game. You cannot begin a game of craps with $10 and hope to win. The general recommendation is to have 50X the table minimum to begin, but this is just to cover the required line bet. You should add more to that if you are making field, place, or prop bets.

In a live casino the table minimum can be very high. This is especially true on the weekends. Want a lower table minimum? Try playing craps online. Most online craps games are offered for just $1 per hand.

2 – Betting on Luck or Hunches

There is a certain amount of luck that is involved in all gambling games. If you rely solely on luck, you will find yourself in a bad position. Beating craps means that you will need to have a strategy at the game and be able to stick to it.

Hunches are just guesses. You cannot guess which number is going to be the next to appear on the dice. You have to make reasoned bets based on the statistics of the game. This is the only way that you will be a winning craps player in the long run.

3 – Making Too Many Bets

We mentioned the number of bets that are available in a craps game. An action player can quickly be swayed by all those bets and begin to play low percentage wagers. The availability of a bet does not mean that the bet is a good one for you. Casinos offer plenty of bad bets at craps because they know that players will make them.

The beginner at craps should be focused on line bets and place betting in general. As you gain more experience in the game, feel free to explore other wagers. Just be sure to know how much money you have riding on each roll of the dice and the potential impact to your craps bankroll.

4 – Playing Without Money Management

There isn’t much you can do in craps when it comes to the outcome of a dice roll. Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, focus on what you can. The way that you bet and manage your bankroll  at the craps table is up to you and you alone.

There are hundreds of money management systems when it comes to craps and gambling. Some are good and some are not. Many successful systems seem to share a common rule. Increase your bets when you are winning and reduce them when you are losing. This type of approach is usually associated with progression betting.

5 – Betting With the Shooter

It is natural when playing live craps to support the shooter, or person that is rolling the dice. Everyone loves to see a hot roll in action. In online craps you are always the shooter. It can be tempting in that scenario for you to want to bet on yourself.

Avoid these instincts whenever possible. The shooter is bound to crap out. In fact, craps will happen more than any other result at the craps table. This is why the casino has the game available. The odds are against the shooter at all times. This is something you can take advantage of because the casino will allow you to bet against the shooter.

6 – Not Taking Free Odds Bets

There is a type of bet offered at craps that some players fail to take advantage of. It is called the free odds bet. This is a bet that is made behind the line bet once a point has been set. Some casinos offer very generous odds on this bet, even up to 100X. In pretty much every case you should be taking the free odds wager.

The odds wager only pays when you make the point and win your original line bet. The best numbers to back with an odds wager are generally the 6 and the 8 because there is a greater chance of making these numbers with a craps roll. The 4 and the 10 pay a little more because they are harder to make.

7 – Playing Hardway Bets

In craps the hardway bets can be very alluring. These are bets which rely upon a double to be thrown. For example, a hard 8 is made by rolling a 4-4. If you bet the 8 hardway you are wagering that the 4-4 will be rolled before the 2-6, 3-5, 5-3, or 6-2. The payout on these bets is somewhat generous, but it is not what you should be getting for such a risky wager.

If you have some disposable income and want to make a hardway bet, you might want to put just $1 on the wager. If this bets wins, press it. This means that you will leave your winnings on the table. If the bets wins a second time, press it again. You will then be in a position to make a huge profit when the hardway appears three times in a row. All that you will have risked is $1.

8 – Playing One-Roll Bets

There are some bets at craps which are classified as one-roll bets. Other bets are working over multiple rolls. You should probably stay away from the one-roll bets when you are a craps beginner. These bets usually have a high house edge and are very hard to hit.

If you are going to play these bets, try to stick to the minimum wager. The good news is that you will receive a decent payout on many one-roll bets because they offer substantial odds.

9 – Failing to Capitalize On Streaks in Craps

If you ask a lot of professionals at the game of craps how they win, they will tell you that they are able to capitalize on streaks. For whatever reason, streaks do happen in craps. A winning roll can seem to go on forever. A losing streak can do the same. You have to be able to recognize these streaks and take advantage of them.

The problem is that most players don’t realize they are in the midst of a streak until it is too late. One way that you can identify streaks is to use a money management system like we described earlier. The betting progression will automatically have you moving in the right direction when a streak is in progress.

10 – Not Claiming Free Bonus Money for Craps

Have you made the decision to play craps online? If so, you should be thinking about taking advantage of the free bonus money that is offered. Many online casinos will give you a matching deposit bonus that can be worth hundreds of dollars. You can use the free money that you receive to play online craps without risking your own money.

Other casinos go a step farther and provide reload bonuses to the player. Be sure to check the terms and conditions to see which offers are available. We invite you to visit us often to see what is new and also before you Play Craps For Real Money. Check out some safe online casinos such as Sunpalace, Casino Max,  or slotsplus.


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