5 Count Variation

This is a variation of the 5 count, where your bets are offset instead of equal. Make a pass line or don’t pass which ever suits table conditions or your style.

In the case of a pass its $10 with $20 odds, for DP its a straight $30 bet.

After the point is set make a DC or come bet which ever is opposite of your line bet with the same amounts stated above. Then make another opposite bet then another. In 4 rolls you should have all your bets down. A pass a DC a COME and a DC or a DP a COME a DC and a COME. IF FUNDS ARE LIMITED PUT $5 AND $5 ODDS ON YOUR RIGHT BETS AND $10 ON YOUR DARK SIDE BETS. A quicker way of getting your bets down is to make 2 place bets [6and8] and DP and a DC .

With this method I usually win or break even rarely do I lose any serious money the best I have done is $1200 after 7 hours of play but I won 3 out of 4 bets all night and there were no hot rolls.

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For more information on the 5 count, read Beat the Craps out of the Casinos by Frank Scoblete.

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