44 inside craps

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For the 44 inside craps system you place the 5 and 9 for $10 each, 6 and 8 for $12 each, $44 inside and lay $40 each on the 4 and 10. After any hit on an inside number you take down the 5 and 9. Now if a 7 shows you win.

If the dice don’t land your way you can get killed betting like this. A 4 or 10 showing before a 7 negates any real chance of making money.

For example: You go ahead and make this bet. The shooter throws a 4, 6, 10 and then a 7. Goodbye bucks!

What you are hoping for are a lot of 6 and 8’s coming up, without a 4 or 10, before a 7 or a point is made with a 7 thrown on the come-out roll. Very high risk. You are laying out too much money for a small return. Good for a choppy table.

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  1. I use a system similar to this and it is true, if the dice don’t roll your way it can get treacherous. I put $80 each on No-4 and No-10, $10 place bet on the 5 and 9, $24 place bets on the 6 and 8. If at any time a 4 or 10 rolls I re-up the bet. If 6 or 8 hit I take them down or turn them OFF, let the 5 and 9 hit a second time before taking down or turning OFF. Sometimes I increase my payout by adding a $10 Don’t Pass Bar bet and if I’m really feeling froggy, when my 5 or 9 hit I’ll push the bet to $20 and take it down on the next hit. I have had good success at the casinos with this method and it doesn’t matter which way the table is rolling but you have to stay with it, I’ve gotten a lineup of 4, 6, 10, 4, 4, 5, 10 and it is devastating to the chip stack but it always comes back with even bigger payout. I started this method on Sun Palace with $1000 (play money since I haven’t set up real money) and have turned it into $19k. Craps Trainer Pro on my phone has resulted in $1000 turning into $32k with the same strategy. I never use this strategy unless I’m walking up to the table with at least $500

    1. Hello NavEOD, This is awesome! Keep testing some more and then try some with real money. Playing online gives you the advantage of using an app like craps trainer pro ! Good luck at the tables and have a wonderful holiday season!

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